The Tarot Reading That Heals

As a Tarot reader I love that the cards offer a tangible way to get an in depth look at your life.

Depending on the nature of the reading you are able to see past, present, and potential futures.

After stepping away from cards for the month of August, I knew I wanted the September reading to be full of juicy insight and meaningful guidance. What inspired me even more was that my tribe had already spoken loud and clear about an interest in past lives.

It's fun to learn about who you were and what kind of life you had... but what if we could take it a step further and understand how it was relevant to your life today?

On the day, you were born, you were assigned a Tarot Birth or Soul Card which I wrote about not too long ago here. Alongside that single card which highlights your life purpose, is a cluster of cards that notes your Shadow self, personality traits, karmic path, lessons and opportunities.

Depending on your birthday, you may have anywhere between 7 and 12 cards. This set of cards is known as your Birth Constellation. 

The components of your constellation are as follows:

The Soul Card is the single digit card in the Major Arcana that highlights the energy of your purpose.

The Personality Card shares key components of who you are and what natural abilities you came into this life with. (It may be the same as your Soul Card OR a double digit card from the Major Arcana.)

The Shadow card shines a light on the aspects of your soul that need further development. 

The Root Cards are the cards that show lessons and opportunities that will work through the karma of your soul. (These are the cards in the Minor Arcana that have the same number as your Soul Card.)

(If you are wondering how we find all those cards, don't worry, I do all that math and discovery before the reading.)

In September's Featured Reading, I decided to take everything I love about Birth Constellations and infuse it into an exploration of your past life experience. To make sure it is a comprehensive view of a previous lifetime, I based the spread on the astrological houses.  I recognized that by taking this information into the reading, we could not only learn about your soul's history, but deepen our understanding of how it is being reflected in your life today. 

When you see how the past is still coming forward, you are given an incredible opportunity to rewrite some of what is playing out so that you can move past old karma and shed the skins of what no longer serves your highest calling.

The bonus is that you get to hear the story of a previous lifetime.

How do we tie it all together in just ONE reading?

If your Soul card shows up somewhere within the reading, then that area of life is a critical field of experience for your soul's development and likely where in your history you developed the energy of your purpose.

For example, if your Soul card is The Lovers and we see that card come up in the 4th house, then we realize right away that your soul has done important work around your role as nurturer, mother, and within the home. We may even begin to understand why in this lifetime, you seem drawn to situations that involve helping and serving families. 

If your Personality Card is The Fool and shows itself in the 12th house then we can remember that this is a space where you shine and have a strength for handling your karma with lightness. We can see that in past lives you may have spent a great deal of time burning karma so that you are able to be more in touch with the divine and allow it to inspire you in this lifetime. 

When it comes to the Shadow card showing up in the reading, that will merely point to an area of life that we have wounding in from our past. By exploring that card where ever it sits we can understand the nature of the wound as well as its area of origin. This gives your soul a huge boost towards healing and working into its light. 

When we are mindful of the Birth Constellation, the significance of a past life reading does not remain as part of your soul's history but relevant to the your soul growth in the present.

You walk away from the reading with more than just a "good story." You are stepping into healing and transformation. 

You can test out this powerful reading on your own by following the spread OR book with me here.


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