It's Not About Action. It's About Alignment.

You are unlikely struggling with taking action like your ego is uttering.

It is most likely you struggle with alignment. The more you listen to your soul, the more you will know if its a lack of action or a dip in alignment.

When you are in alignment with your desires, the path unfolds for you. It feels effortless and fluid. Your journey feels fun and exciting.

When you are in alignment the Universe typically will make your next move so obvious that you feel as though you have no choice but to step forward.

So how do you get into alignment?

Recently, I went through a few days where I just could not shake low energy and vibes. I was cranky, overwhelmed, and feeling a little disconnected from myself and Source. I knew I was experiencing a temporary misalignment with my goals and soul’s path.

Usually when I experience what I was feeling, I give myself grace and head to the beach with a book for the day. There is something about the sun, surf and sand that calls me home to myself in a way like no other.

That didn’t work this time… or so I thought. By hitting pause, I had renewed faith that it was just a matter of time before the Universe intervened and led the way.

When we feel like we don’t know what to do or where to look next it’s because we are fighting the Cosmos. We are resisting the obvious and most basic step forward. For me, it was to stop working and to just be more fully in my life.

I sat back for two days and flowed. I spent a lot of time in nature walking. I read a lot of books and caught up with friends. I basically disconnected from the pieces of my life that felt hard and allowed the Universe to direct me.

While it felt like what I was doing wasn’t connected to my spiritual path, it had everything to do with bringing me back onto it.

I had unknowingly stepped out of center and was pushing for things when I needed to receive them. It took me finally just letting go of my timeline, plan, and never ending to-do list to get my next obvious step delivered right to me.

After I spent two days just loving and living, I woke up and knew exactly what to do, where to go, and who to call. Everything I had been pushing to achieve was waiting there for me, with one simple, inspired and highly aligned step.

If you are feeling like you just don’t know what is being asked of you, try taking the pressure of figuring it out off of yourself. It is likely you are overcomplicating and overthinking it. When you take a moment to breathe and disconnect, you will be amazed at the clarity that comes.

From clarity comes alignment.

And from alignment, comes ease.

Join a circle of Lightworkers who are committed to working in alignment with their soul in Wild-Hearted Collective.

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