The Year of the Lovers & Union- January 2022

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Below Nuts, Bolts & Resources from this week's Feminine Forecast.

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Dates to Remember

January 2- New Moon in Capricorn

Consider what you are working towards.

January 28th- Venus Retrograde continues

Check out my Heart to Heart with Jessica Alejandro on the Feminine Shadow and Venus Rx.

Deck Used (affiliate links): Wild Unknown Pocket Deck, Field Tarot, and Hidden Realm Tarot

Card for the Year

The Lovers. Crystals
Deck: Wild Unknown Pocket Edition

Card Details

Connection with Self & Source

Continue to go within and lean into Spirit

Integrating Polaries

Holding center as you bring together your light and shadow aspects

Witnessing Division

Consider your part in unity

New Wave of Volunteers Catalyzed

Lightworkers step forward to lead.

If you want to learn more about The Lovers visit my favorite Tarot website, BiddyTarot.

Core Karmic Lessons Shown in 6's. For full explanation watch the forecast here. (Timestamp 7:51)


The Chariot

Getting Focused

Set heart aligned intentions & goals.

Routine connection for direction

What do you need to do to get to where you want to be?

Follow Through

A step a day puts your closer to your vision

Deepener: Acceptance & Intention Worthshop. Instant Access in WHC.



Saying Goodbye to Soul Support

As of January 15th, single soul support sessions will no longer be available.

This shift is coming in preparation for new offerings that are more aligned to my mission. I will honor any that are purchased between now and 1/15 until April 1, 2022. You can purchase a single session to use in that time here.

Wild-Hearted Collective Price Increase

On January 28th, the price to Wild-Hearted Collective will increase to $666/year.

The Wild-Hearted Collective was established over two years ago and holds an epic amount of resources for Lightworkers & Healers. This price increase reflects the value held in the library as well as that of upcoming releases and the support provided. I share more about the WHC and help you check in for alignment here.

Ready to join? Get instant access when you register here.


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