June Zodiac Forecasts

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Happy Birthday Gemini!

June is quite the month for you!

Machig Ladron is with you as you bring your Shadow and Light into balance in June. You may find that as we approach the Summer Solstice on June 20th that a certain calm sets in. That's just merely you finding the inner peace that you have worked so hard to achieve. Enjoy it. Don't question it.

June is also month where you are being asked to hand any concerns in your love life over to God/Goddess. This is all going to be a breeze for you because the balance you are finding within is a sign of inner union beginning to anchor. Your love life will reflect that harmony by the end of the month. You just need to rest and go with the flow!

Another positive energy coming for you in regards to your spiritual mission. Miracles are making their way to you. Something you have invested your heart in and are considering giving up on is worth giving just one more push too. Don't stop short of the finish line. By the middle of the month, you will likely see why you were guided to not give up. Keep going. The world needs your light!

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Hey Cancer,

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Yeshe Tsogyal is going to be working with you in June. You are being prepared for the next chapter on your journey and you may find that you want to make certain changes in your health and wellness routine. This is just your soul asking you to get your energy right with a clean diet and movement.

Your love life is feeling a little restrictive in June. I'm not picking up anything major like a huge ending. You are just being asked to unplug a bit from what you see in regards to your connection and instead feel your way through it. Connect with your partner in 5-D and talk to them when it seems like you aren't getting through in 3-D. Share what you feel and what you desire from a calm, loving place. Talk to your partner as though they are standing in front of you and don't be surprised if things resolve with greater ease.

In regards to your spiritual mission, soul family is journeying to you to support you in getting this passion project off the ground. Keep your eyes and heart open for those who just seem to get you and the change you desire to make.


Hey, Hey Leo!

Machig Labdron is a powerful energy that is collaborating with you in June to bring your Shadow self to light. You may have been attempting to suppress certain aspects of you but it's time to take a look at them. Some aspects may be called up for healing but others are being revealed as a part of your power.

In love, The Magdalene is an indicator that whatever is transpiring is an important lesson pertinent to your spiritual mission. The Magdalenes are a Collective here to support Unity Consciousness. Pay attention to your love life in June because you are being gifted part of the transformation you are here to gift others through.

Speaking of spiritual mission, you are in the heart of a transformation. Take time in June to be present with yourself and the work you are creating. As you look at what you are creating you will be able to reflect on your growth. You have come so far. Look back even just 6 months ago and you will see so much to be proud of. There is also a message here for you to get clear on what exactly it is you are offering to those you are called to serve. Ask yourself "what is their biggest challenge and how does working with me help them through it?"

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Beloved Virgo,

Parvati is a call to get consistent and committed with your spiritual practice. The challenge is to do this without it becoming just another checkmark on your to do list. You will be well served by sitting and connecting with the Divine in June.

In love, the inner child is speaking a bit louder than usual right now. She is ready to heal her abandonment wound. A simple way to work with her is to give her a voice. Grab one of your many journals and simply get into a conversation with her. Ask what she is feeling and how you can support her. Reparenting is going to be coming up in June and as you follow this process, you will feel more secure in your love life.

With your spiritual mission, you are answering the call to create in partnership. Sacred Sexuality may indicate entering union with the Beloved and starting to serve together but for many I actually feel you are learning to integrate the Masculine and Feminine within. In regards to mission this is going to help you "get the job done." Allow for your intuition to lead but make sure that you don't get lost in getting downloads and not taking any action.

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Lovely Libra,

June is an exciting month and I think the forecast may catch you off guard. You are going to be experiencing that peace and balance you thrive in. Zhou Xuanjing is an indicator that you have invested time recently decluttering the mind. This is allowing for your path to be easier than the past few years!

June is setting the stage for something absolutely wonderful in your love life. Don't rush or panic trying to call it in before it's ready. Whether this be someone new or just a refreshing energy within your current partnership, carry on as you have been. God/Gaia's got this!

You have definitely done some major shifting in your life over the past few months. Your intuition is on fire in June. Try not to overthink any downloads you receive. You are getting a lovely dose of inspiration and The Prophet is a sign that you would be served well to follow it. The idea may seem small at first but this is a projection you will grow into. Small to start is good because you'll be able to stay centered in yourself and create something comfortable that fits into the life you have been crafting for yourself.

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Scorpio Goddess,

One of the things you do well is USE your Shadow side which is good because it's speaking up in June. The inner work you have done is supporting your spiritual journey and Machig Labdron is going to be helping you use your Shadow aspects to gain power... which you love so much. Don't worry this is your personal power.

In love, not all is as it seems. Your perception of the situation is going to shift significantly in June. It will happen with great ease. You are going to hear something that brings it all into perspective and you will see the Higher Plan for your love life. I do pick up an ending here. Perhaps an acknowledgement that you can't control your lover and attempting to do so will just deplete your energy. Don't fear this because it's not as bad as you think. It's more of an internal shift than an external release.

In your spiritual mission, there are traces of you still playing by the rules of the Matrix. Spend time just considering how you are allowing systems of separation to impact how you serve. For some you are going to realize that belief of "time is money" is limiting and you are going to explore ways for creating passive income. This is a program you are running on the unconscious level. Lift it into your awareness in June.

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In June you are collaborating with Joan of Arc. She will be helping you stand in your power. Chances are you will be offered the opportunity to share your light and you might not feel prepared. You are so ready, Sagittarius. Say "yes" to speaking your truth and expressing your heart. You know what you are talking about.

Your love life is being impacted by the children in your life or the kids of your partner. Consider how you might spend more time with the kids in your life and know that this is actually creating a positive energy shift for your romantic partnership. You don't need to understand how the two are connected if you don't immediately see it. Trust that the love you offer to others will come back to you ten-fold. No kids? Ask your inner child what they most what you to know right now.

As June kicks off you are going to be blessed with a download that helps you take steps towards your greater spiritual mission. This is likely to happen within the first week of the month, so look at your calendar now and try to schedule some time to connect with your spiritual support team in a way that aligns for you. Let this time be non-negotiable so that you can enter into sacred conversation with your angels.

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Capricorn Warrior,

Take a breath, Capricorn. You are so much further on your healing journey than you realize. Machig Labdron is coming with a very special message and asking that you spend some time not working but rather just being in June. Your growth is profound and you really have earned some time to experience that growth rather than move onto the next thing.

In regards to love, their is a rebirth happening for you in June. For some, you will just take that break and replenish your inner well. For others this is a sign of a past love coming back to be rekindled. The biggest message though is that you are really resurrecting the desire to be in partnership with another. I didn't know I had so many Capricorns in my Collective but truly there is a different message for Love for all of you. Drop into the heart and ask what The Resurrection means for you.

Within your spiritual mission, you are being guided by your guardian angel right now. You may be worried that taking a step back may mean you lose momentum or it falls apart. Your guardian angel is expressing that they have your back. Ask for some specific guidance on how you can give yourself the time you need in June to nourish yourself and get ready for your "big break" that is coming to you over the summer.

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Dear Aquarius,

Get ready to speak your truth and shine your light bright in June. You are being supported by Joan of Arc and I'm hearing her famous quote "I am not afraid, I was born to do this." You really are showing up to life fully right now and Spirit wants you to not back down. Keep working towards your goals and setting your sights high.

In love, The Messenger is a nudge that all things are working out perfectly for you. No matter how things appear there is a greater plan at hand. I'm

picking up in June that you will be getting some Divine Guidance through songs and signs (specifically billboards). They are going to help you move into the next chapter of your relationship with another or perhaps yourself.

June is going to be an interesting month for you in regards to your spiritual mission. I see you remembering a project or idea that you have previously abandoned and deciding to bring it back. This might be as simple as a hobby that you put aside when things got busy or perhaps even a business idea. Don't be afraid to return to whatever this is and put it into the world. The work you have already done on it, still counts. You just need to "freshen" it up a bit.

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Pisces Mermaid,

June is a month of healing and the beautiful thing is that a lot of this healing isn't active, it'll be passive. You might find that your natural tendency to daydream serves you in June. In the past you've been living life on the "small side" and your gifts of daydreaming allow for you to level up your big vision.

In love, if things feel a little rocky, your guardian angel is willing to work with you and your partner's spiritual support team. Let your angels know what you want and trust them to help things along. Your angels are aware of whatever you might be challenged with. You just haven't asked them to step in. Be prepared to see them intervene in June once you activate them.

Your spiritual mission may be feeling a little too much like work right now and Spirit is suggesting you take the month of June to invite in more play. Let the inner child enjoy herself. She doesn't work well under pressure. Whatever you are fixated on could use some breathing room. When you take the time to play with another creative idea, you'll be able to come back to this project with a fresh perspective and more motivation.

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Aries Poet,

You are naturally in tune to your body but you haven't been moving it as much as it needs. This isn't just a nudge to exercise but it is a reminder of how well you think on your feet. Sappho is inviting you to start loving on your physical form a little more and trust that it is leading you into a higher vibration. You will find that as you get going, life begins to feel more like poetry in motion.

Whatever you are being challenged by in Love, surrender is the key. I actually am picking up that for many of you, the struggle in love right now, is that there is NO struggle. Things are progressing beautifully in a way that feels easy. You just are use to things not being so fluid. Breathe and surrender to the flow of love.

Within your spiritual mission, LOVE is also the energy for June. Stay focused on doing the things that you love and it is guaranteed to bring you abundance. You might stumble across people who question how its possible to generate wealth as a Lightworker and Healer. Don't let them get in your head. You've got this!

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Dear Taurus,

June is bound to be an amazing month with Lady Isis in your corner. She is going to be supporting you in creating the vision. You might have an idea of where you want to go in life but Isis wants you to add a little more detail, a whole lotta light, and all the love to that vision.

Your love life may be creating some confusion for you right now. I'm picking up someone who is half in and half out. That person is YOU, Taurus. Regardless of what your situation, Spirit wants you to get clear on exactly what you want romantically. You may think you are "all in" but there is a wavering that is actually blocking your connection from developing. If you are in a relationship, your person has some things to work out as well but their energy will be shifted by yours.

Surrender is the theme in your mission for June. You've been working hard and making huge leaps. Now you have to surrender and let the Universe do it's thing. It may feel frustrating and like you have no control but really this is just about giving your ideal client time to find you and then get to know you. They are out there. They are coming. Open up to them.

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