Lightworker Letter: New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo takes place on September 17, 2020. This is always a powerful moon to set intentions surrounding service. That makes it a favorite time for me and those who I am here to support as we are Mission-Minded women with a deep yearning to bring unconditional love and light to the planet. The following is a message I channeled for the Wild-Hearted Feminine in anticipation of the Virgo New Moon. These messages were received on 9/12/2020.

One thing I will say is that there are many points made by the Masters in this letter that will be hard for some to digest. We are being called out of the drama created by those invested in keeping many in the Matrix. As I always recommend, take what resonates. Sit with the parts that make you uncomfortable and consider how you can move forward for yourself.

Intention: Divine Masters of Light and Unconditional Love, what message do you have for Lightworkers for the Virgo New Moon?

The Masters Respond:

Good Day. We are most pleased to offer this message to support the work you have come here to do during these blessed times. Great things are here as a result of this New Moon. It is rousing many to wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. This is what was truly behind what many have deemed uncertain times.

These times are most certain.

You all knew this was what you were here to experience. When you shift from fear worry and separation, you will recall the Great Plan. This is how you may ascend home with greater speed. Home is not above you. Home is within you. This is a concept many of you still resist as you are looking to escape your days in the ethers. We assure you, we too, are within you.

You have also deemed these times as dark. We now remind you that the greater the darkness, the greater the light. We would have you recall that your physical vessel spends a great deal of time rocking in the dark womb of your earthly mother before entering into the world.

This cosmic rebirth for humanity will be no different. While you may see these times as hard, consider it the great gestation essential for Christ Consciousness. The light on the planet needs to grow in a way that it can no longer be contained by the dark.

We assure you all is going according to plan and that all you experience in this moment is so that you may step into your mission. It took it getting this ‘uncertain’ for many of you to ‘wake up’.

It is a Collective mission and one that returns all to Divine Love. A love that is unconditional and supportive. One that holds no judgement or shame.

A love that is liberating rather than confining.

The foundation of this love is one that occurs on the inner plane and then strengthened through compassionate action. Not just acceptance and actions in favor of those who fully agree with you but to those who reflect the polarity too.

In all your thoughts and actions you are given the opportunity to communicate this Holy Love. A simple pause before reacting will allow you to respond from your Highest Awareness and share the light. Hear us when we say that love is not something that need be communicated in grandiose gesture, gifts, or words of agreement. It is an energetic frequency that allows for all to co-exist and expand as they desire.

Many of you are playing out your wounds with one another. There is an egoic belief that allowing all to act will lead to violence and inequality. When you see from the higher perspective, you will notice that your current conditions were created by restriction and not freedom.

When unconditional love is present, there is no desire to harm your earthly friends or protect your resources. We assure you of this truth. Your disconnection from this truth mirrors your disconnection from your Divine essence.

Tension is far from dissipating on your planet at this time. Have faith because as the tension lifts so does the passion for true change. It is our hope that you all plant your seeds of love and allow gardens to then grow from them. These are the seeds of your New Earth.

In Loving Truth,

The Masters


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