Loving The Wild Feminine

For reading purposes, gender roles are assigned to this post. Feel free to read and adjust as it fits for you.

Loving the Wild Feminine is not for the weak-hearted man.

The Wild Feminine is going to need you to rise with her and if you are unwilling to do that and lucky enough to keep her anyway, she will require you to loosen your grip.

She craves a freedom that comes from dancing on the remnants of what was, feeling the rhythm of what is, and calling forth what will be with the song of her soul.

This Divine Goddess is the answer to the prayer you have yet to make.

She is the timeless response to your quest for a woman that doesn’t need you, but wants you.

If you are brave enough to awaken beside her, she will open your eyes and heart to the wonder of this life.

This Earth Angel will turn you on mind, body, and soul. She is one of a kind so if you are in her presence, do not take her for granted.

Fasten your seatbelt because she is a cosmic lover and will not settle for anything less than the sun, moon, and stars.

Do not play games with her heart because once she is gone you will need to walk through the fire to get her back.

She craves honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Show her your heart. All of it.

Tell her about your first love. Open up about what makes you scared.

When it gets to be too much, tell her. Don't run from her. She will lovingly slow down her wild-heart and hold the space for you.

Let her in.

Express what her smile does to your heart. Show her that you will move heaven and hell for her because that is what she deserves.

Be the man you have always wanted to be. Be the man she knows you are.

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