May Zodiac Forecasts

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Happy Birthday Taurus! May is a month where you might find yourself in deep reflection. This trip around the sun has changed you in ways you didn’t think possible. Carve out time to sit with goddess, Mnenosyne and pay homage to this transformational year. You really showed up with your A-game even when it wasn’t easy. The Universe cherishes your dedicated heart. I’m also picking up that someone from your past may be showing up over the next month (or two).

In Love, May is a time of bliss for you. Regardless of your relationship status, you will be feeling all those love vibes. Enjoy them! For some, this sensation won’t make sense because maybe you don’t have a significant other. It’s likely that this is a love that is rising from within. It’s truly the best kind. Trust it! For those in connections, if things feel like they are getting “good”, go with it. Don’t overthink it.

Things are looking great for you in career and mission in May as well. Whatever you have been pouring your heart into, take some time to experience it for yourself. You’ve crafted something that is incredibly beautiful (typical Taurus!). If it’s a coaching program, go through the steps yourself. If it’s a piece of art, hang it where you can see it. Whatever you’ve built, see it for the incredible masterpiece that it is.

Drop a piece of Chrysotile in your pocket as a reminder of how guided you are in every area of life.

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Feeling some serious warrior vibes for you in May, Gemini. Freya notes that you are stepping into acceptance of yourself. You have been working on certain aspects for sometime and noticing that some aren’t changing. That’s ok! May is the month that you recognize these Shadow aspects are a part of your power. There is no need to change them or make them different. It’s time to consider how you might use them to show up more fully as you are.

Your love life is getting a bit of a makeover in May. If things feel heavy and boring, Spirit says it is time to play. Opening up to fun in your love life is something you can do with or without a partner. I am picking up that some may be resistant to having fun. You might be taking love (and your life) way too seriously. If that’s the case, step outside your comfort zone and do something that’s just for pure enjoyment. Not everything needs to have a lesson behind it.

You are on your path and if you feel uncertain of your direction in May, just keep taking one step at a time. It is leading you into your highest calling. Where you are going is better than where you have been. Stay centered on that.

Selenite will serve you well in May. Grab a piece and place it in your car to support you in traveling your authentic path.

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A lot is rising into your awareness in May and it’s mostly an opportunity for you to heal some of your self-sabotaging patterns. If you feel like you can never seem to find your footing or things go smoothly only for a time, this is especially for you.

The Universe is not against you. In fact in May, you are going to be shown how sometimes you have this pesky little habit of getting in your own way. Rather than feel like this is a crap forecast, consider that you are being given a heads up so you can prepare for this time of growth!

Given that you have Stay Optimistic and Darkness in your reading, you really do have a choice next month to step into the light and address what is coming to the surface or continue to avoid it and just wait for this pattern to repeat again.

I believe that you are going to be someone who chooses the higher pattern, thought, and behavior, Cancer. You have so much going for you and if you just stay present with whatever this is, you are really going to be busting through your blocks and perceived limitations. Your love life and career are mirroring one another and this is what you really want to take a look at.

Self-Love is on the agenda for May. Grab some Rose Quartz and keep it close. This is going to help you through this inner-work and growth!

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When Mother Mary is your guide, you know you have a month of miracles making it’s way to you, Leo! Get excited and know you are truly about to have a spectacular month! A great habit to start would be to end each day making note of the miracles you experienced throughout the day. Big and small. It lets the Universe know you are open to more.

In love, Spirit is suggesting that you show up a little more and make the effort in this area of life. For those in connections, you might want to go the extra mile to let your partner know how you feel (buy them flowers, shave your legs, send them a sweet message). This is a time where you can rekindle the connection (if you want). For those, rollin’ into May solo, first ask yourself what you want in your love life. Then start to do things that welcome it in.

In your career, you are experiencing a time of growth in May. I’m picking up there will be opportunities to take on more responsibility, learn new skills, and increase your abundance. Stay grounded with regular self-care and ensure that you are clear on your boundaries. I’m also hearing that you want to read the fine-print.

Leo, your intentions are manifesting. Trust that the Universe is sending good things your way. Herkimer will be your go to crystal for May.

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Virgo, in May you really want to ensure that you are getting grounded because there is a lot that you are working on that sometimes brings your energy a little out of your body. There is this energy of racing against the clock so there are definitely some deadlines coming up for you. The more grounded you are the more you can meet those deadlines with a clear head and open heart.

In love, it seems like you are in a hot and cold energy. When things are good, they are good. The smallest bump though is making you question the whole connection. General guidance is to create a little space for each person to “just be” themselves without judgement and without the pressure of showing up a certain way. There is a lot of general swinging from one extreme to the other but knowing this in advance, you can commit to getting yourself centered. In connections like this, this commitment on your end will be reflected back by your partner. This relationship has a lot of potential but it needs to be stabilized in May.

In career, can you accept things as they are in May? I feel changes coming into your career but not immediately. Consider the things you are willing to accept from your primary source of income and what is not acceptable in May. You are being guided to write a job description for yourself and be ready to accept it when it manifests.

I can’t stress it enough… get grounded. Your ancestors are working with you to reach new heights in life. Connect with a piece of Amber and you will start to tune into the way forward.

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If things have been feeling a little heavy for you recently Libra, May is the perfect time to start releasing that density. Not an easy forecast but Libras are so well suited to do this inner-work. Branwen is asking that you step into forgiveness. There is a lover that you need to cut negative cords with. You may be needing to forgive them or yourself (likely both). As you let go of this past hurt and heartbreak, you will slowly start to feel how everything opens up to you.

There will be so many opportunities coming your way in love and in career that you will start to wonder why you didn’t free yourself sooner. For those in connections, as you learn to free yourself from past drama, you will experience a rebirth in your relationship. For some a relationship is being brought back from the brink. You thought it was time to end it but this shift expresses the potential for things to start turning. Those who are single, this forgiveness is going to welcome the new love that is on stand by just for you.

Work seems to be where things are already going well for you in May and they will continue. You are really appreciative that you have the job you have. For some you are grateful you have a job at all in the present economy. Use these positive vibes to carry you even further.

I know this feels heavy, Libra. Only take the parts that resonate as this is general.

Creativity is going to be something you can lean into in May. Grab some Fire Agate and keep it on your desk.

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The past is coming up for review next month, Scorpio. This is going to be a really powerful time for you to sense beyond what you can see with your eyes. You may be feeling like you aren’t progressing but you are entering a time of healing.

In love, you are getting the commitment that you desire. You might be recommitting to your current connection or meeting someone who is ready to show up fully in a relationship. For those who are with someone, I feel you are both committing to show up for one another in a new way. You’ve been praying for this so trust that it is happening. Those who are single are putting energy out into the Universe that clearly states you are ready for the real thing. Committing to YOURSELF is also suggested in May for you Scorpio.

In your career, you are being invited to dive in and reflect before making any impulsive decisions. You do this so well, Scorpio. This is going to be easy and fluid for you. You know you are powerful and can manifest the abundance you desire but you owning that right now. The big question, “why are you so afraid of being successful?” That’s a big inquiry to sit with but once you do, you are going to get out of your own way. WOO!!!!

Malachite will be your go-to for the month. This is going to help you in ALL the things. Grab a piece and keep on you. It’ll serve you well.

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May holds the energy of being Future Focused for you, Sagittarius. You are gaining a lot of clarity next month on where you want to go and who you want to be. You have definitely used the last four months to release a lot of what was tying you down. Skuld is a loving energy that will help you shape your life with ease, grace, and light!

The area of life to really be present with is love. You are navigating some issues surrounding codependency. For many of you, it seems that your person is addicted to something and it could be wearing thin. Your energy is so good right now, Sagittarius. Maintain strong, healthy, but loving boundaries so that you can continue to move forward in a way that aligns with your highest path. The one note I will put is that some of you aren’t in connections but may be checking up on an ex via social media and perhaps visiting their favorite hangouts. That isn’t serving the new level you are stepping into. In May, you actually kick this habit. You learn the art of blessing and releasing what is no longer in your life. You truly open up to the blessings coming your way.

Your work and mission life is pretty peaceful in May. You’ve found your rhythm and are owning it. I see that you are settling into some spiritual practices that help you stay centered in yourself and loving those around you. Keep showing up because this is a practice or habit that is paying dividends energetically.

Moonstone is going to support you in moving forward toward that life you want. Find a moonstone pendant that you love and wear it in May.

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May is a time of deepening your connection to the Divine, Capricorn. You are really seeing the One-ness in this world and how your reality is merely a reflection of your inner world. Consider where you feel the strongest connection to Source and then spend a little more time there.

In love, romance is in the air and the object of your affection is a worthy interest. For some, you are getting super focused on loving yourself. You are trying new things and exploring different interests. I actually pick up that this isn’t just those of you who are single. Those who are also in connections, are investing in themselves. For those in relationships, just stay focused on the love that is flowing. It will allow for the more serious conversations to be handled with ease.

Capricorn, you love to work but are you carving out time to make sure you are working in the right direction? You have amazing ideas, drive, and motivation. If you feel like you never seem to get closer to the finish line, spend some time in May assessing the destination and your current process. You are no doubt on your way but there is an opportunity to get there faster and without wearing yourself out.

The crystal of warriors you will always be ready to tackle any task with Selenite on hand in May.

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Aquarius, May is a month where you fine-tune your skills and really see the benefits of consistency. For many you are stepping into something new and your confidence is going to sky rocket next month as you stay focused on developing yourself around it. It’s ok to be a beginner. You’ll know so much more by the end of the month as a result of your dedication.

You can expect the text message you have been waiting on in May. There is someone coming back to clear the air with you next month. For some this is an ex but for others it is going to be a friend that left you high and dry. I do feel you will see your growth reflected to you but still maintain healthy boundaries. Give each other time to really anchor your healing before jumping headfirst into something again. This could be the fresh start that you have been wanting and for others it will offer some much needed closure. Regardless, I am seeing you smiling wide around the 3rd week of the month.

In career and mission, self-love is the focus of the month. While you develop yourself, don’t lose sight of the things that are already quite amazing about you. There are a few different opportunities around the corner for you in regards to work. Say yes. You are ready and worthy for the next step.

Tiger’s eye will support you in having the courage to say “yes” and maintain boundaries in May.

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If you knew you would be successful, what would you want to do, Pisces? You’ve been playing small for the past couple of months and putting your dreams on the back burner. There is never going to be a better time than May for you. Think of taking just one step each day towards what you want and by the end of May, you’ll have taken 31 steps. You will be amazed at the progress you can make in just one month.

Weddings and proposals are on the agenda for May. You might find yourself being asked to be someone’s date to a wedding or other social function. Maybe someone will be getting down on one knee and asking to marry you! The main message is that someone is looking at you and considering long term plans. Are you ready for a bigger commitment with them?

You have really been wanting to take the next step in your career. I see you working diligently on a side hustle, project, and skills. Stay focused and expect things to work out. Your dreams are coming to fruition in May. Your energy is amazing right now. Keep your vibration up and by the end of the month you’ll be saying “Thank you, Universe!”

Chrysotile will support you in maintaining high vibes all month long.

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After a busy birthday season, you are being guided to take a break and relax a bit. You have been working/ playing hard and now is the time to just chill. You’ll still be getting things done and having some laughs, this is just a slower pace that will help you come back to a few areas of life that have slipped through the cracks over the past few weeks.

Your love life is being impacted by children and for some of you that’s your inner child. Whether you have kids or it’s the one within, they just need some attention in May. I’m hearing regroup and also to talk them through any changes that are coming up, especially in love. This is going to be such an amazing way to take whatever your romantic status is to the next level. If you have kids and are dating, the kids may be feeling slighted by the attention you are paying to your person. Be kind to all parties. Everyone really is doing the best they can.

With career and mission, purification is what you can expect in May. I see you taking a look at everything you are managing and getting realistic about expectations. You have high standards and a lot you’re trying to get done. You’ll figure out what is essential to do right now and what might need to just be put to the side for now.

Scolecite is going to be helpful in managing some of what is coming through for you in May.

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