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Welcome to the Feminine Forecast, a resource designed to help Lightworkers and Healers align to collective energy so they can show up and serve with More LOVE and Less Struggle.

I’m your host, Kerin Monaco. I’m a Mystic and Intuitive Guide here to support the Divine Feminine in stepping fully into her spiritual mission and confidently express her soul's magick.

Grab a cup of tea, your journal and maybe even your favorite cards and settle in because in this Forecast I’m covering Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon in Cancer, and a message that the Divine Feminine is receiving… for I think the 4th time.


Mercury Retrograde started on January 14th and will continue to dance backwards until February 4th. It is starting in Aquarius, the sign of the Visionary and entering Capricorn, the wise elder and mentor. This is definitely a time to take some things off your calendar, put down your phone, shut off your computer, limit travel, and really listen and communicate with your soul.

When I sat to prepare this week’s episode, what was so beautiful is that Mercury, the Lord of Communication is doing this dance in support of all those who want to be of service. The invitation is to lean into your soul’s whispers as they pertain to what you are here to teach and learn. You may feel called to shift, tweak, or completely pivot and that’s really this energy of Aquarius. You’ll be getting downloads and transmissions that feel ahead of their time. You’ll come through this Retrograde with innovative ideas and inspiration. You’ll start seeing opportunities where you once saw blocks.

You’ll also be accessing wisdom that you have acquired through walking your path of healing, transformation, and service. This is very much that Capricorn vibe. You’ll be shown ways you can take that wisdom and use it to serve humanity.

When I took a step back and really felt into the energy of this Mercury Retrograde I was so moved and that is available to you too, but you have to be willing to slow down and listen within more than you are listening to external sources.

Last thing I want to share with you, Mercury Rx is notorious for bringing people from the past back into your life. I have a pick-a-card available for everyone to watch over on my YouTube. The link to view it is down below. It covers who is returning, why they left, why they are returning, what you need to embody in this interaction, and general guidance from spirit. Here is the spread if you feel guided to do a reading for yourself.

Now this forecast is being released the day before the Full Moon in Cancer, which takes place on January 17th. This is a time where the unconscious has a tendency to rise up to the surface and make itself known. Stay present with your triggers and process them accordingly.

Just a little tip on processing your triggers, there is the story you tell yourself in response to what’s triggered you. That’s your conscious awareness. Dive deeper into the feeling and the unconscious story that has been woven into you since childhood usually. That’s where the healing happens.

For my sisters in Wild-Hearted Collective, dig into the House 4: Unconscious Mind Upgrades to work more intimately with the energy of this full moon. I also side note, really love the Conscious Softening Meditation which is in House 3: Conscious Upgrades.

General Reading

Now we enter the general reading for the collective. What do Feminine Healers and Lightworkers need to be aware of for the next two weeks. We have Abundance, Miracles, and Move Forward.

Not a message that is new to us if you have been tuning in over the past few months. The message is clarified by EIGHT of SWORDS and EIGHT OF WANDS. Those 8’s are the sign of financial abundance.

Here’s what you need to know:

Abundance is making it’s way to you. Breathe into that for a moment. Abundance is coming. You’ve been working hard not just on your healing but at your spiritual mission. Abundance is coming.

Miracles are yours by divine right. Keep going. Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t get trapped in the external circumstances of your life right now. I know it’s so much easier to say that and share that than it is to BELIEVE THAT. But Sisters, we have gotten this message so many times and the only thing standing between us and receiving is that we aren’t yet fully BELIEVING.

Are you willing to move forward with me in full faith that your efforts and desires are around the corner? I am going to say YES and continue to walk forward on my path. Will you join me?

Here are my suggestions.

1. Take a look at where you are placing your resources.

For me personally, I explored everything I was doing and creating in my business. I decided to make some changes so that I was focusing on what felt good, exciting, and in alignment with my calling. In my personal life, I pulled my energy away from things and people who felt depleting. To be honest, life and business looked quite barren at first but within days that space was filled with blessings and miracles of all kinds. And ultimately I found that the space itself was part of the abundance I had been longing for.

2. Do you know where you want to end up?

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels perhaps, it’s because you aren’t working and navigating with a clear intention or defined desire. So I invite you to stop and to explore where you want to go. Failure to know the direction you’re heading means you’ll remain lost and never really arrive. Sometimes in this process, you see you have a clear intention but you’re not doing the things that actually get you closer to it.

3. Accept exactly where you are.

Reinforcing that Acceptance Worthshop a lot of you got access to in Wild-Hearted Collective. This month’s theme is about accepting exactly where you are and as a result seeing how much you already have to be grateful for, exactly how close you are to your destination, and get clear and defined next steps. Jung says “What you resist, persists.” So don’t resist, Accept and Align instead.

All links, resources, tools, and tips can be accessed down below in the show notes and over at

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That is what I have for you. I look forward to hearing how it resonates. Don’t be shy. Connect with me over on Facebook or Instagram. My handle is @LightworkerKerin.

I will see you next time. For now good bye.




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