New Moon in Cancer: Let's Play

Happy Intention Setting Time, Moon Warrior.

Every month at the new moon the stirrings of our heart are drawn to the surface. Now is the time where we ask ourselves questions like:

-What do I truly want?

-If there were no barriers or obstacles, what would I make happen?

- To truly access my deepest calling, is there anything I can work towards this month?

Add into this powerful intention setting, the idea that the new moon is sitting in the sign of Cancer. 

Cancer is the "mother" of  the zodiac. Cancer energy warm and nurturing. It is the sign that calls in our sensitive side and the desire to heal. 

Cancer when put that way sounds serious and heavy. After all who runs the world? Mothers.

(Please know that in my opinion all women are mothers. Whether you have biological children, pets, or you nurture others.)

Part of the mother role is to inspire and create "play" in our lives as well as those around us.

A simple way to honor the Cancer New Moon is to draw up your playful side. 

Answer this question, if given complete control of an hour in your life for a "ritual" what would bring you joy?

Would you stay for an extra yoga class? Would you grab a coloring book and tap into your inner child? How about heading to a local playground and hopping on a swing then stopping at a local ice cream shop for a scoop? Maybe what would truly bring you into a bliss right now is a

nap? (Girlfriend... trust me this is a joyful experience.)

This is something you can share with the whole family. Imagine if everyone was on board with an hour of devotion to play.

Now for the long term change:

Can you set time aside every day from now until the next New Moon to invite joy in every day?

If this doesn't feel like a ritual, we are going to be exploring the idea over the next few weeks over on Facebook. So join the conversation there, by following me here

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