New Moon in Gemini

Taking Place Monday, June 3, 2019

The New Moon in Gemini will take place on Monday, June 3rd. While Gemini is the chattiest and most social sign of the zodiac, this is the moon phase that asks us to go inward. Luna in her dark phase encourages us that the path to authenticity happens when we let everything else fall away and take with us only what aligns.

This is especially true of our intentions. We must ensure that we are digging deep and asking what we really want to have and experience in this lifetime. When we go within, we are less likely to get swept up in the superficial goals that society places on us. Instead our heightened state of inner connection and communication lets us step into our role as the powerful creator of the life we want.

Known as the sign of the twins, the Gemini New Moon is an ideal time to let our ego and shadow go head to head. With the current antagonistic relationship between the Sun, the Moon and Neptune (the planet of transcendence, spirituality and oneness); we are certainly feeling the pressure to deal with our fears, triggers and emotions. Women everywhere are being guided to connect with themselves more than with others right now. Many Gemini New Moons will encourage us to connect with others but with Neptune at play, we do have a beautiful opportunity to leap forward on our path. Attend your moon gatherings, but carve out alone time as well. Let's return to that deep inner knowing of ourselves so we are better equipped (and more confident) in then sharing our truth.

While Neptune is sitting in Pisces and we should feel a state of flow on our spiritual path, the celestial dynamics are triggering fears that have sat in the shadow for far too long. Since the New Moon begs us to make the journey into the depths of our soul, the current astrological set up is making sure that you can not ignore the work.

Here is the good news, with Jupiter sitting in Sagittarius directly across from the Sun and Moon, when we come out the other side; we will feel a profound expansion that comes from doing this self-study. With this opposition, this is a time of challenge but the beauty is in the growth. Rather than aiming to rush through this phase, optimize your time and ask "How much more can I learn about myself , my desires, and my triggers?" Use this New Moon to conquer what has limited you. When we break through those barriers, we will shine brighter than ever before and embody that Jupiter/Sagittarius expansion.

I would absolutely love to connect with you on the other side of this New Moon. You can join my tribe of lightworkers in Sisterhood of Stars.

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