November 2021: She faces the tower

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After our journey with The Devil in October we now venture forward to meet The Tower (Major Arcana #16) in November. Since 16 breaks down to a 7, we also have the opportunity to work with The Chariot which will likely guide us to return to what came up for us in February 2021.

This is such an important message for the Feminine and a new way to see The Tower. We typically resist, fear or tip toe towards the Tower. I know I expected the message for November to be extremely dark and I was taken aback when I channeled and it was not at all what I expected.

Focus Forward

The key theme for the Divine Feminine in November is that this leap from the Tower is actually coming so she can focus less on what she is leaving behind and more on where she is going.

The work done from mid-year until now is coming to a head and this is the call to jump into the unknown and trust we will be caught.

If you, like so many in the Collective, have been feeling like something is holding you back from your next chapter, that will come to an end in November and you can expect steps to be revealed.

As a result of exploring your Shadow and having done the necessary healing work, you’ll find November is an opportunity to move forward with the faith you’ve had to cultivate throughout your spiritual journey.

Reframing the Tower

The Tower which is usually a sign of chaos and destruction can also be a sign of clarity and awakening.

You’ll find that things which were previously hidden are revealed. You’ll also understand why things on your path have been as they were. Learn more about The Tower on Biddy Tarot.

The Final Push

Working alongside the Tower, is The Chariot which is the energy of movement towards that which you desire.

Consider this month the final push towards your goals manifesting. These are seeds you planted back in February of this year.

This is preparation for next month when we meet The Star, card number 17 in the Tarot. The Star is major wish fulfillment.

Stay the Course

When it comes to working with The Chariot’s energy you’ll want to stay the course and consider how you can align to your desires through consistent spiritual practice. If you’ve found things that work, stick with them. Tune in and just ask if you are aligned. If the answer is yes, trust it. If you hear no, go ahead and tweak a bit until you find that sweet spot.

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Beauty as the Path to Abundance

In regards to opening up to receive more abundance, the Divine Feminine is being called to really BE in her feminine power. The Empress is actually the Divine Feminine card in the Tarot. Focus on doing things that help you tap into your inherent beauty. Both internally and externally.

Sit With It: What makes you feel beautiful?

You’ll also want to ensure that you spend time outside and nurture yourself. Tune into the cycles of the Earth and allow them to guide you in your creative process. The Empress is very much pregnant with possibility so keep your eyes open for aligned opportunities that will reveal themselves.

It's Time to Get Focused

When we consider how to serve in alignment with our highest calling, the Eight of Wands is suggesting we get focused on “the one thing” that we know we are here to do. Many times the Feminine attempts to build her worth by doing everything.

I see this often in Lightworkers showing up in heart-led businesses as well have learned it the hard way. You don’t need 10 different services and offerings. You need 1 (maybe 2). No more than 3.

Sit With It: What needs to fall away so you can get focused on your ONE THING?

Getting out of the Self-Made Prison

Finally, the Divine Feminine is healing her limiting beliefs which we saw in a recent forecast. That work continues. The Eight of Swords is our fears and what I call the self-made prison. It illuminates all the ways we get in our own way both consciously and unconsciously. What is so important to know is that we have the power to liberate ourselves from the things that keep us chained.

Deepening Practice: Journal on why you think your desire hasn’t manifested yet.

When you have exhausted what is in the conscious mind, pull a card to illuminate what you believe unconsciously. You’ll find things start to shift when you do this sacred work.

November has some complex energy. Remember you don't have to navigate it alone.

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