Nurturing Your Child's Spiritual Experience

We are all born deeply empathic and spiritually gifted. Depending on the awareness of those guiding us, we either stay that way or learn to shut it down and stifle our sensitivity. Many of us are actively healing from the need to block off who we truly are because of the environment we were raised in.

I wanted to note the above because one thing that I’ve been seeing is people labeling their children as “special” as they express their spiritual gifts.

When we start to realize that we are all born with this capacity, we stop viewing these children as different or above the rest.

Who they are naturally is the new normal. It also makes who they are at the core “enough”.

We set them up for a life of thriving in their Divine essence rather than trying to live up to an expectation placed on them. We nurture their free will by resisting the need to label them.

My belief is that all children are incredibly unique and gifted in their own way. Identifying someone as special creates unnecessary separation.

This is also something that has come up repeatedly in my channel. As we begin to walk into the New Earth the concept of labeling will be obsolete. Amen to that!

All that being said, I know there are many parents and caregivers that have asked me about raising the mini-mystics incarnated during these times. Here are some of the things that have worked in my home to nurture my daughter’s spiritual process.

As with all things take what resonates.

Let Them Extend The Invitation

My home is covered in goddesses, card decks, crystals, and other spiritual treasures. From a very young age my daughter was exposed to all of it but I never forced it on her. In the beginning, she would see me sit in meditation or prayer and look with curiosity at what I was doing. I continued with my practices openly but it wasn’t until the day she asked me about the “sparkly dish of rocks” that we talked about the use of crystals.

From that moment came a very natural progression of her asking me about what I was doing or what certain items were. Eventually it led to her sitting and breathing with me for a few minutes at a time and then to pulling cards from child-friendly oracle decks like those shown below.

Is she consistently practicing? Nope.

I would much rather her process unfold organically and initiated by her. My expectations would only create tension and that’s really not conducive to her spiritual evolution.

Right now, she has fun on her journey and that’s truly what it’s all about. She is teaching ME to not take everything so serious or make it all so hard!

Don’t Take It Personal

Even though my daughter is what I call a “spiritual explorer” and curious about my faith, there are moments she still will test me or what she is learning. She will also test those she comes into contact with, like her non-believer relatives.

It wasn’t too long ago where she told me she doesn’t believe in angels anymore. Did I battle her? Not at all. I looked her in the eye and I said “It’s absolutely fine for you to believe something different than Mommy.” And I didn’t just say that. I meant it.

She walked away and a few minutes later was back to say she had thought about it and angels must be real because how else would there be rainbows. In that moment, I let her know again that our beliefs can be different or the same. I love her and respect her beliefs.

Kids are going to question things they may not be able to see. They are going to be suspicious at times of beliefs that may be unique to their family compared to others.

Questioning is a healthy part of their learning, self-expression, and development.

Don’t take it personal or panic if your child begins to test you. It's a sign they know you accept them for who they are on a soul level. This is a sign they feel safe with you in their spiritual process.

Have a Support System

The new wave of children that are incarnated now are much more spiritually aware than we are at times. (It’s an entirely separate post as to why that is.) I highly recommend having a community of parents and/or mentors who are also invested in nurturing the process of these mini-mystics.

I can only speak from what I’ve gone through but at times these children will have spiritual experiences that are beyond our scope as mothers and awakened women. There could also be times when you may not be the best person for your child to get support from. That’s why it is important to connect with others who can assist you and them in the process.

Recently my daughter had an experience that I knew would be best helped by one of my mentors, Keleena Malnar. After we processed what occurred, I asked my daughter if she would want to chat with Miss. Keleena, who she had already met with during a children’s event.

She immediately said yes. Keleena was able to virtually meet with us, explain to her what occurred and guide me. Keleena also channeled my daughter’s favorite goddess, Bast which became the highlight of her very young life.

You may not need your child to meet with someone but maybe you could use a little extra help and encouragement on the journey. You are welcome to join my virtual community Wild-Hearted Feminine, where light-minded women from around the world gather to support each other on all things spiritual.

You’re Doing Better Than You Think

I sound like such a great mom, right!?!?!

While all of the above may make it seem like my life is bliss and I know what I’m doing, I get it wrong. I get triggered by my daughter. I still will lose my zen and exercise my mom voice daily. There have been times when I yearned for her to just go to sleep so I could stop having teddy bear picnics and pull cards instead.

Motherhood is hard and when you are aware that so many wounds are created in childhood it can make you feel like it’s a losing battle.

The absolute truth is if you made it this far into the post, I can almost guarantee you are a stellar parent doing everything and anything you can do to give your child a life they don't need to heal from.

The whole spiritual journey is about unconditional love regardless of how old you are. So if you were a little edgy with them for using your very expensive lipstick to give themselves clown lips, toss some unconditional love their way… and your way as well.

Thank you so much for being here, serving this great shift into the New Earth, and holding space for the mini-mystic in your life.

Blessings of Love and Light,



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