October 2021: She dances in the shadow.

October holds the vibration of 15 (The Devil/ Cernunnos) and the root of 6 (The Lovers).

The Feminine will be dancing in the Shadow in October and will be awakened to the ways she has given her power away and played into programs of the disempowered woman. This energy entered last week around the Pisces Full Moon. Revisit that forecast here. We will be bringing that energy into next month so we can explore the depths of it as well as take personal responsibility for the way forward.

Find out what’s coming up for your specific sign in the October Zodiac Forecasts here.

There is an immense amount of healing to be done in this chapter for the Feminine Lightworker but Spirit is affirming that it’s nothing you haven’t done before. This is just another opportunity to address the aspects of yourself you would rather keep hidden. This energy asks you to embrace your true nature and work with it rather than suppress it. In the past, you have always shown up as your best self and in October you are guided to show up as your Whole Self instead.

For some, this will be your first time exploring the Shadow.

Use The Gates of the Underworld and Transformation Upgrades located in Wild-Hearted Collective for support in this healing work.

To the Feminine who are holding space for others, you may find you are triggered by some interactions in October. Spirit suggests having a person or circle where you can debrief and come back to your center should this arise.

When the Devil is present, it also indicates ways in which you attempt to escape dealing with what you would rather not look at. This may be expressed as an addiction or obsession that truly hinders your growth. When you are willing to sit in the discomfort of being yourself and where you are in life, you will realize you have the ability to move through these things with greater ease.

Right now you are called to surrender the addictions and obsession with things outside of yourself and instead hone in on why you are so resistant to sharing your wholeness with the world.

With The Lovers as the root card, the Feminine is truly being shown what is blocking her from experiencing union within herself. We continuously cycle back to these blocks until we are able to stay present with them and not let them dictate the path.

The tough love note for October is that many of the Feminine are acting as though they are chained and restricted by certain situations and individuals when in fact they are clinging. In October you are being presented the choice to let go and look within or continue to get swept up in what you can not control.

Ready to get off the Struggle Bus and hitch a ride on the Love Train instead?

I want to invite you into my sacred space, The Wild-Hearted Collective where we focus on serving with love, light and ease. I take the monthly forecast and break it down for members so they can show up and serve with MORE LOVE and less struggle.

Learn more about our circle here!


Check out this Devil/Lovers Gallery that the women in Wild-Hearted Collective shared with me.

Thank you to members Kelly Leonard Horn, Crystal Wai with Witchy as a Mother, Ashley King with Studio 429, Treisha Peterson, Annah Stewart, and Kimberley Gates with Connect to Your True Self for your photos!


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