Odin Speaks: Show Up To Your Own Battles

I woke up this morning to Odin, God of War and Romance. He boldly stated “Rise Wild Warrior. There is work to do.” While I resisted at first, he let me know that this is a direct result of actions I have taken to show who I really am this week. The following is a message for the Wild-Hearted Feminine Collective energy.

Odin Speaks:

The Masculine is going to war with their own life right now. Every day is a battle and in their eyes this war is far from over.

They are striking out to their enemy blindfolded because they have yet to recognize the true enemy.

They have yet to see what they are against are the social structures and ingrained belief systems that can no longer exist when they come into contact with an expression of unconditional love.

They are getting ready to lay down the spears and shields in surrender for the burden has exhausted them.

This requires patience from the Wild Feminine; for embedded in the Masculine's being are lifetimes of the need to hide who they really are.

This is a fear of being seen as the strong yet tender man they truly are and it is paralyzing them.

Remember when you were paralyzed by fear of their abandonment? Their wounds come with that same intensity.

The Feminine is being asked to open their heart despite the pain experienced at the hands of their warriors.

Be gentle.

Be kind.

Tend to the Wounded Masculine with your light.

The Feminine light cuts through all lines of defense because it is of the purest form.

Let this light flow directly into the heart of your Divine Mirror.

You do not need to be in physical contact. Send it through the astral realms.

Send this light up to me and I will bestow it upon the battlefield where your Beloved is on his knees.

His surrender can then shift into a heartfelt prayer.

Their prayers will be answered for I am Odin, God of War, and I leave no soldier behind.

Understand these men have been raised by a culture unable to show them how to just be with all that is coming up. They have never been loved for who they are.

This is why they run faster to safety than they can run to you. They do not leave you to harm you but rather to protect you.

Nothing scares him more than your heart being a casualty of his inner war.

The Divine Feminine is being called to do what she should have done all along.

Be confident and invest more in herself. She has to show up to her own battles.

Love is NOT a battlefield. Do not show up against the Masculine. Rally beside him.

If you answer this call, consider your separation as a time of training.

Freyja is on her way for you Wild Warrior. She will guide your battle.

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