Odin Speaks to the Divine Feminine on Union

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Odin, God of War and Romance Speaks:

You have been showing up for separation.

If you desire all that is your divine birthright; show up for union.

You retreat in fear of losing this battle. The only thing that dies in this war is the ego.

Bare your sword.

Raise it up to pierce through the sky so that the heavens may rush down upon you.

Let Source soak you in it’s pure Christ Light.

Let it saturate the ground beneath your feet activating the heat bubbling at the Earth’s core.

Let it lift to you.

You become the sacred bridge. You then embody heaven on earth.

That is divine union.

It is only then you will see that this is a battle you can not lose unless you fail to show up for it.

Stop running from your power

Stop denying your divinity.

Stop seeking outside of yourself for what is already within.

Stop avoiding your darkness.

Stop ignoring your light.

Run towards your sacred gifts.

Dive into your divinity.

Burn the flame WITHIN your own soul first.

Stand courageously with two feet in your darkness.

Anchor your heart in light.

That is the way to union.

True union is a soulful song, a sacred hymn, and fierce battle cry that FEAR is man-made.

Faith is God-made and You are a Woman of God.


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