Oracle Upgrades for Lightworkers

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Last week I posted about some great beginner decks for Lightworkers and if you missed it, check it out here!

This week I wanted to shine my light on decks that are fantastic for those ready for an energetic upgrade.

Disclaimer: What makes them an upgrade? These decks have information that newly awakened or awakening women may not be familiar with YET. So if your new, does that mean you shouldn't get these? NOT AT ALL. Always use your intuition and go towards the cards that seem to be singing to your soul. If you feel like you are just starting out on your spiritual path, you might just need to take a slower approach to these decks. (Which, I want to add, isn't a bad thing.)

#1: Lightworker Oracle

If there is one deck I think Lightworkers need on their altar, it is this one. This is a newer deck in my collection and one I use mostly for my personal practice. I can't seem to NOT work with this deck lately. I don't read from guidebooks a lot but with this one, I do. Every single time I pull a card I not only understand what is happening in my ever evolving journey but I learn something new about the ascension process in general. This is a deck that has potent messages that are meant to help you be where you are with more ease. You understand the way forward but also see the hand of the Divine when you work with these cards.

Get your own copy of my favorite deck here.

#2 Achetype Cards

If you are ready to invest time and energy into the Shadow work of your path, this is all you need. This deck is rich and will show you the wounds you are needing to look at fully and shed a loving light on. This is one of those decks that you pull out when you have tried everything else to move forward. I rarely use this deck more than once a month but it's invaluable in those moments where you use want to "be done" with whatever lesson the Universe has tossed you.

I love the work that can happen as a result from using this deck. You really do get out of your own way with these cards. There are decks that are "prettier" however; one incredible feature, is the blank cards you can use to create your own Archetypes. I use a dry erase marker so that I can update them throughout the ascension process.

If you are ready to get intimate with the Shadow, order this set here.

#3 The Akashic Tarot

Even though it is a Tarot deck, I find this set of cards to read more like an Oracle deck. If you are

drawn to working in the Akashic Records, this deck is incredible. As soon as I pick up this deck, I feel myself falling into 5-D and can't really help but to read these cards intuitively. This set is packed with messages such as "Fated Meeting", "Caught in the Ruins" and "War of the Roses" which seem to remind your soul of it's plan.

There are 22 Major Arcana cards which differ from the Tarot's Majors not only in name but meaning. The Minor suits are Scrolls, Roses, Forces and Keys. Each suit has a different energy that will help you to navigate your spiritual journey and work through ascension with greater ease.

Grab a set of this powerful deck here.

You can also see how I use this reading to support lightworkers on my Instagram if you want!

Did you see a deck, you are adding to your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

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