Pick-A-Card: The Relationship Within

This timeless reading will illuminate how you can connect to yourself and move forward on your spiritual journey. It is a small piece taken from the 30 minute video readings located in Libra Full Moon Offering.

Which card are you drawn too? Drop in to connect.

Celestial Rose of Ma, Sacred Phoenix Heart, Sacred Soul Sister


Celestial Rose of Ma

You are holding a magnificent rose but focused only on the thorns. My love, you ARE that rose. You are a being of great beauty and yet all you let yourself experience are your perceived flaws. Your awareness is in the struggles of your past and the unknowable future. Imagine if you brought your focus to the potential in your present? This mindset is limiting you and holding you back from doing the great things you have come to do.

There is a way forward, and it’s to allow the heart to open and enter full bloom. Raise your consciousness and embrace that you are both the light and the shadow. Union within your Self can be experienced by honoring your thorns and flower. You are the miracle moments and times of despair. You are both Divine and Human. You are the creator and the creation. Do you see where I am going? You are everything.

There is nothing you can not have, do, or be… but you must learn to see yourself as who you really are, and not what others have led you to believe.

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Sacred Phoenix Heart

Beloved, you have a question burning in your heart, and Spirit responds “the answer is always love.” You might be feeling like you have been working towards a vision that never seems to manifest. I caution you to pause. Don’t give up.

You’re at the finish line. But will you cross it? One final push and your dreams are yours. Can you surrender to your great Phoenix moment and allow your pain and suffering to be laid on the pyre? Can you allow yourself to be reborn in the flames of Divine Love?

Union is yours but I understand you’re tired. You’ve been on quite the journey. I can see, The Divine has had its way with you. Please don’t cheat yourself of your desires by being impatient. Very soon, it will all make sense. The dream is already manifesting within. In Divine Time it will manifest in the physical. Divine Time goes faster when you are having fun.

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Sacred Soul Sister

Drawn to this card, you are in need of the reminder that Divine Union is about coming into wholeness. It would seem you may still be confusing it with a relationship with a counterpart (perhaps a twin flame, soul mate or lover) or some other manifestation you hope to see in the external world. It’s so easy to get caught in this loop, take a breath and come back. You haven’t strayed that far from the path.

Spirit wants you to know that the connection you desire to ground in 3-D is available to you. For now you must focus on the inner plane in order for your desire to be made manifest in the outer world.

Sacred Soul Sister is the part of you that knows how to be happy and free. I suspect you haven’t been really feeling that way lately. She is the part of you that remembers the path, the plan, and the way. She can be found in moments of rest. She isn’t the question or the answer. She is the beat between the two. Trust her. Trust in your own ability to connect within and your capacity to love. She is calling you back into wholeness with yourself so that you can have what you most desire.

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