Prisoner of Your Purpose

When you are launching into the work of your soul, it can come with some fears attached to it.

Most likely there are parts of your purpose that will feel uncomfortable when you start to unlock it. You may even come up against aspects that bring up your wounding.

You’ll notice that certain patterns of behavior and belief systems simply can not exist alongside the work you are here to do.

To move through this, you do the healing and readings. You devour personal development books, enroll in the soul growth courses, and rise above those perceived limitations.

You step into the idea that everything you are here to heal is what you are called to teach as well.

The best way to teach something is to embody it.

In order to lead others through the work, you have to actually do the work yourself first. It’s part of the process you have to accept if you are meant to be a Soulpreneur.

No woman is here to serve a purpose that let’s her get by with playing small, especially not you.

It’s likely that you will be nudged (or shoved) out of your comfort zone if you truly want to step into your life’s mission.

No woman is here to serve a purpose that she dreads. Your purpose should not feel like you are being sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

There is a difference between a fear of your purpose and just not wanting to do it.

(It sounds obvious but think about how many people are doing jobs they hate or leading lives that don’t elevate them.)

So how do you distinguish between the two?

From watching so many women rise into their purpose, fear makes you want to head into the closet but still keep the door cracked just a little so the light can get in.

The interesting part of fear is that typically, you’re just a little bit curious what it would look like if you moved past it.

For example; the woman who dreams of being a motivational speaker but has a serious case of stage fright. She yearns to step in the spotlight but fear is holding her back from expressing her truth. When she envisions herself selling out a huge theatre to share her message, she is left feeling amazing.

In the end, when you envision yourself doing “the thing” you fear successfully, you actually feel an expansion. You look at the fear and want to overcome it.

I’ve had a lot of conversations where someone has been told what their purpose is. Some reader or psychic has given them a glimpse into the future and said “You are here to ...”.

I’ve chatted with soul seekers who share their purpose as though they are marching to the gallows. It makes them run into the closet, slam the door, and lock it behind them.

Get this…

If it does not resonate, I don’t care if Mother Mary herself tells you it is your purpose…


If you aren’t excited about your purpose, no one else will be either.

Take time and do the soul digging.

Are you passionate about your purpose?

Do you wake up in the morning excited to step deeper into it?

What about your purpose makes you feel uncomfortable? When you envision yourself overcoming that, does it make you expand?

Whether you answer those questions ready to dance into your purpose or putting the brakes on, you can still feel the energy of your purpose?

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