Questions to Ask Your Higher Self

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Before we can launch into questions to ask your Higher Self, I think it's absolutely essential to understand who your Higher Self is and why you would want to develop the connection with her.

Your Higher Self is an expression of you that offers a level awareness beyond what your human self can see, hear, and understand. She is the part of you that “knows” and has all the answers.

When we start to consciously connect with our Higher Self we align with our divinity and begin to make decisions and take action backed by unconditional love. As the bond strengthens you find that you are less likely to react from the Ego and more likely to respond from your Soul.

It is a beautiful relationship that has been present for eternity but gets lost as we are programmed to exist in the Matrix.

There is a lot of emphasis placed on Guidework in the spiritual community. Many women I support want to know who is guiding them and assume it is a Being or Energy outside of themselves.


She can be your most trusted guide. As you integrate her, you will begin to experience Divine Union in ways working with guides you see as outside of yourself, can not offer.

You can channel your Higher Self through writing, speaking, feeling... and pretty much all of the other senses. The way in which we access her sacred wisdom can also be done in a variety of ways. My preferred way is through Awakened Writing which is one of the practices, I encourage spiritually aware women to try.

Use the following questions to get acquainted with your Higher Self and the guidance she has to offer. If you want to develop your ability to channel her, I do have a previously recorded workshop in Wild-Hearted Collective on Channeling Through Letters you can access as soon as you join.

The following questions are fun and impactful questions to ask your Higher Self.

Question 1: What would you most like me to know at this time?

I’m a fan of connecting with my Higher Self (and all Beings for that matter) with a very clear intention. Some days, however, I just want to hear what she has to say. I use this question to learn what I need to focus on.

At times, I receive just a message of love and strength, while other times she makes me aware of something that I need to take a very close look at. This is a great question to come to when you are going through challenging times. Your Higher Self knows what you need in order to come through it with grace and faith.

Question 2: What is blocking my desire from manifesting?

If you have been working to manifest something and it doesn’t seem to be showing up, I recommend asking your Higher Self for her perspective. In doing this, you will typically hear the wound or the behavior which is preventing the Universe from being able to fulfil your desire.

Once you have an idea of what the hold up is, you will likely feel a deep sense of relaxation. I recently put out a course and felt disappointed that no one seemed interested. When I channeled on it, my Higher Self simply said “check the purchase button.” I followed this whisper even though it seemed basic. Sure enough the course was showing as available but there was no enrollment button! I fixed the button and had people joining shortly after.

Question 3: How can I make my next $1k?

This question may not be for everyone but it is one of my favorites! As a Lightworker in business, I love to play with new ideas and my spiritual gifts. Since it’s also my income, I love to hear what my Higher Self suggests on how to integrate my creative musings with my talents to generate income.

One of the ideas that I’ve gotten from working with my Higher Self was to shift the Wild-Hearted Collective into a community for lightworkers. It was previously just for women who wanted to connect with their angels. Now it is full of high-vibe souls and the offering I love sharing the most!

Question 4: In what ways can I strengthen/expand/find my spiritual gifts?

So many of you are in the process of unearthing your gifts and seeking ways to utilize them to serve the greater good. Asking your Higher Self for guidance on how you can develop not just your gifts but also this capacity to serve is going to really excite you.

A few months ago, my gifts were starting to feel stagnant. When I sat with this question, my Higher Self asked that I find a Healed Masculine Mentor. It resonated so strongly as something I needed, I set about manifesting the perfect mentor. He arrived the next day. From my work with this mentor, I've been able to heal my views of the masculine and use my inner masculine to create powerful, grounded shifts in my work.

Question 5: How can I stretch my resources?

We would all love more time, money, and energy to spend on the things that matter. Connecting with your Higher Self on this topic will likely show you where you are wasting some of your resources but also how to utilize them more effectively. This is a life changing question that you may ignore at first. I highly suggest sitting with it on any resource you are connecting to with a lack mentality.

When I asked about time, I was shown that I spend time on some social media platforms where my dream clients aren’t hanging out. I was also shown where I could connect with them instead.Hearing this wisdom and then implementing it gave me more time and a deeper connection with the women I feel most called to serve.

Those five questions are going to get you started on your journey. One thing I want to encourage you to do, is to not let the guidance just sit on paper.

When you get insight from your Higher Self, put it into action. As you have success with her wisdom, you will experience a transformation unlike any other.

If you want to strengthen the bond with your Higher Self...

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