Raising the New Masculine

There are so many subgroups of the Wild Feminine and I find so many of these little pods have meaningful crossovers.

One of these groups that I think goes unseen or overlooked are the Warrior Women who have come here to raise the New Masculine in the Age of Light. They have used this lifetime and the many incarnations prior to be prepare for this important work.

I revere these women because when I sit and hear them speak of their struggles, I can only imagine what it is like to be raising empathic little boys in a society that is doing it’s best to “man up” their tender hearts.

Over the past few weeks, I've had a few conversations with these women. I frequently left thinking there is more I could have said. There is more that I should be able to do.

I'm a girl mom. It seems like I have a plethora of resources that assist me in keeping her wild, kind, and strong so to some extent I didn't know how to help.

After a time in deep thought, I've come to this realization...

If I could say one thing to my sisters raising little dudes who have big feelings and empathic hearts it would be "Thank you."

Thank you for letting your son climb trees, scrape his knee, AND then run to you and cry about it. You are raising a man who will be able to express his emotions rather than stifle them.

Thank you for talking about big feelings and helping him process them. You are giving him a chance to cope with what comes up. Imagine what humanity could accomplish if we all took a page out of your book.

You are doing a beautiful job. Please keep going.

Thank you for letting your little light warrior wear pink, blue, daisies and/or boats. You are encouraging him to honor their light. You may not see the connection… but it is there. It is vital to the elevation of this planet’s vibration.

Thank you for signing him up for ballet, baseball, and anything else he expresses an interest in. It is a blessing to know that in the future we will see diversity in skills and interests.

You are rising to a challenge that at times may feel hard… almost impossible.

You are doing so much better than you think. Please keep rising.

Thank you for trying your best to keep his heart tender and open.

Thank you for always standing up to the coaches, teachers, and others that would have him “toughen up”.

Thank you for teaching him that “being a good man” has nothing to do with bravado and everything to do with kindness, compassion, and respect.

My Wild Sister, I see you.

I am in reverence of the way you handle your mission. You are doing it with such grace and faith.

On the days that you question your ability to see this through… keep this in mind:

I believe we choose our parents and YOUR SON CHOSE YOU.

They knew if there was a woman to help them through this world and keep them authentic it would be you.

They recognized that of all the choices, you would be the one to love them unconditionally and defend their right to stay wild.

So keep going. Don’t cave to those who would have you or your child any different.

When you feel down, low and challenged, come into our Sisterhood and let us walk with you.

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