Reading Intuitive Tarot

It can be pretty overwhelming when you first get started reading Tarot for yourself. Tarot publishers help to make it accessible by putting a guidebook in the pretty little boxes our cards come in.

BUT what if there was a new way for you to put that overwhelm aside and sit with YOUR power when learning Tarot?

Just like you, I got my first deck, pulled a card and immediately went over to my guidebook. Unfortunately, that meant my readings felt robotic and almost ALWAYS took longer than the time I had available.

Go ahead and grab your favorite Tarot deck. If you don't have one I highly recommend Rider Waite. If you do have one, I still recommend getting your hands on the Rider Waite deck. You can grab it here. This deck has the strongest symbolism and colors. The messages are woven throughout the deck so you will not have to relearn a whole new set of "rules" for every card.

Once you have your deck, do whatever ritual you use to connect with your cards. Then follow these steps to become a more confident Tarot reader.

1) Ask the right question.

Every single morning, I ask the cards "What do I need to know for today?" or "What energies will I experience during my day?"

When we set the stage with the right question, we know what type of answer we are looking for.

Go ahead and pull your card.*

*For this post, go ahead and remove the Major Arcana cards. We will cover that in an upcoming blog post.

2) Look at the Suit

We get so much information just by looking at the suit of our card. So frequently people do not even consider exploring their card before heading to the guidebook.

Each suit has a very clear message. When we follow step one, the suit will reveal what we will witness during the day.

For example if I were to ask "What do I need to need to know for today?" and then pull the Queen of Swords, I would understand that today is a day of decision making and utilizing my critical thinking function.

If I were to pull the Queen of Wands, I would likely be called to work through some manifestation concepts.

Keep this graphic handy by pinning it to your Tarot board.

3) Understand the Number

Just like the suit offers us wisdom in regards to what a card is revealing, the number is also critical. When we start to understand Tarot concepts as oppose to memorizing the cards, we are able to work with our intuition. Take a look at the dynamics of numbers in the below graphic.

If we take a look once again at the Queen of Swords, we can start to see how the Queen is the "number" of our feminine fulfillment. The Queen holds the seat of creativity and fertility. That being said the Queen of Swords is looking at creative yet logical ways to work with a decision. If we had pulled the King of Swords, he would be the masculine energy that reveals our mastering the decision making process.

Once again check out and pin this handy little picture of numbers so you can refer back.

When you integrate the suit meaning with the number, what is being clearly revealed in the card you pulled earlier?

Sit with this idea over the next week. Notice how in just a short time you are able to build your confidence as a Tarot reader.

I have so many tips, tricks, and wisdom to pass along to you about reading Tarot with heart. In February, I am launching The Heroine's Guide to Intuitive Tarot and I would love for you to claim a seat. To get on my waitlist, make sure you register here.

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