Rising Into Your Sacred Power

"Wild Heart, the Pisces in you falls in love with the potential of others but she isn't falling in love with the potential of herself. Look at all that could be. It's beautiful that you see a world of possibility for everyone but you aren't responsible for them stepping into that power. You are responsible for your own rising. Invest that loving heart and deep knowing in yourself. That is the how you call back your power."

A theme for the evolving feminine right now is that we have been giving away our power for far too long. 

Many awakenings are served alongside a realization that we have been living for others and not fully for ourselves. Vital resources we should be using to invest in ourselves are dished out liberally to those on our path. Sure, some of the recipients are grateful and deserving but there are those who take just because they can. 

Side note: These are the ones that usually have something to say when you put up boundaries. 

When my guides came through with their loving, wild-hearted message, I realized that for so many of the evolving women, the answer to reclaiming our power is nestled in our Rising Sign. I've worked and trained with astrologers who don't place too much value on this component of a chart but it is loaded with our most sacred abilities. 

Our Rising sign is unique in that it is not a planet. This component is noted by the horizontal line that runs from the center of our chart to the left. It sits in the 9 o'clock position. The sign that sits on that cusp is our mystical self. It is the sacred power that we use to feel most connected to our higher wisdom. This is a sign that holds magick as it puts us in contact with our 5-D self.

For many women, learning the rising sign is when they start to build a stronger intuitive connection. It seems that the Rising sign energy lies dormant because we have forgotten it or suppressed it for ages. We can rise into our most authentic and vibrant self when we access the high side of our Ascendant and gift it to ourselves. If we stay on the low side, we likely play small and are never truly seen. 

My guides asked that I sit with each Rising Sign and channel what power they are giving away others and must claim for themselves. 

Find the unique message for your Rising Sign below and then head over to Stars in Her Eyes and let us know if it resonates!

Aries Angel, Why is helping others create their dreams and reach their goals taking precedence over your own soul stirrings? You were born to create and move. You are here to manifest and expand. Your inner child wants to play with your vision and yet you get bogged down by tirelessly supporting others. If you were to shift that support to your own calling, you would have the energy to see it through to the end. You would no longer jump from your ship as it approachs the harbor to save the sinking boat beside you.

Tenacious Taurus, Understand that your values are strong and YOUR truth. You can't change someone's beliefs to align with yours anymore than you are willing to shift yourself. If someone is ready to see from a different perspective, they will. You are exhausting yourself in the efforts to have them come to your side. It is not a reflection of you if someone doesn't agree. Call in your soulmates. Send up your light so that those who are 'with you' can join you.

Gracious Gemini, Where are you learning without doing? You can not possibly know everything. You have the answer but you must be willing to look for it. If you hold off on accepting more outer wisdom, you can tune into your inner knowing. This inner knowing then lets YOU step into the role of teacher. Your best guide is not outside of you, she shines within. Right now, we ask you to sit and be still. We ask you to slowly go through the library you hold within and find the gift within your sacred collection.

Caring Cancer, You know what we are about to offer you. You feel it in your bones. It's the ache to step back from tending to others and nurture yourself. Find YOUR feelings and no longer accept the emotions of others. Clear your heart zone. Intuitively connecting to what you need does not take away from anyone. Life is not meant to be spent in the dark. If that's all you feel, call forth the joy and let it gestate within.

Loving Leo, It is safe to be seen. They are ready to see the Queen step forward. You do not need to step into the spotlight because you own the whole stage. Light the torch and sound the call. It's time to fulfill your mission and you can no longer risk sitting in the wings while others share it for you. Your voice must ring to the edges of the earth. Your roar must echo throughout the cosmos.

Libra Lady, For some it will not matter how loud you scream, they will not hear the plea. The human heart is weighed against a feather at the gates of heaven so please understand that the quest for harmony sits when we love all... even those who choose not to see the injustice in this world. Do not fall victim to that mentality. Send them love and maintain your peace. e change you want to see and start the work.

Libra Lady, For some it will not matter how loud you scream, they will not hear the plea. The human heart is weighed against a feather at the gates of heaven so please understand that the quest for harmony sits when we love all... even those who choose not to see the injustice in this world. Do not fall victim to that mentality. Send them love and maintain your peace. That will keep you light like the feather.

Sensational Scorpio, You are at home in the Shadow but everyone is entitled to a vacation. Come up to the light and let your wings inspire the transformation of others. You do not have to shade others from your light. Your expansion is beautiful. It is breathtaking. You do not have to hide it for fear of others claiming it. They can not have what is yours by divine right.

Sagittarius Siren, Grace and faith can not be taught. They must be experienced. When you find yourself seeing the good fortune of others, it is only because you are blessed as well. Let your life be a testament to this expansion. GET BIG. Step into your freedom. Share your unique message. Let it be felt through your energy rather than communicated through your words.

Capable Capricorn, 'As above, so below. As within, so without.' All you see is a reflection of the inner process. We ask why it is you are working on something that is not your passion? You have the ability to get results but you are going down a path that is not yours and you clearly see as broken. You do not have to get them their result. Their system is reflecting that yours is broken as well. The result can be stepping into your power and owning your dream. That can never be broken.

Amazing Aquarius, This is not a time to conform. Let your wildest idea out of the box and own it. It's the purpose you are here to breathe into. Hold the space for your own quirkiness and we will rally beside you. You have the key to shifting humanity from here to there. It can be frightening to step into the arena but this is not one you can inch into. It will be worth the leap.

Pisces Priestess, You can ignore your connection to us as long as you like. You were born of the subtle realms and  it will always be home.  Let them call you crazy. Let their disbelief and chatter roll off your back like a stream of water. Shield yourself from the narrow minded and open up to your guides and teachers. We are calling you to connect in mind, body, and soul. Come out of the spiritual closet. It is keeping you down.

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