Scorpio Full Moon

This coming Saturday we will be basking in the glow of the Scorpio Full Moon.

Many of my tribe have reached out and shared that they feel things off kilter and that the energy in their life indicates a profound shift. This is what a Scorpio Full Moon creates. Like them, you may already be starting to feel the build up of this moon phase and the sign it is in and entering. Scorpio is the sign of great transformation. It is both the caterpillar and the butterfly of the zodiac. We are all being called up right now and for many of us this will call change in the way we work with Spirit. Scorpio oversees the occult and mystical practices we use like Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, and Numerology to name a few. Perhaps you began the exploration of these tools recently. Maybe you have worked the ascension process and have seen gains there. Karma has been burned. Wounds have been healed. Your expression of self and clarity of purpose has witnessed quantum leaps.

Give yourself the space to consider if you hid that side of yourself for fear of what others might think. Were you protecting your path. Ask yourself if you are open to sharing this deeper connection to Source with a wider circle at this time? On Saturday, the moon actually supports you on that. If you feel you don't have a tribe of women that will celebrate your growth, I invite you to step into Sisterhood of Stars on Facebook.

As Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth it has deep psychological connotations. This water sign calls us to dig deep into our shadow. When we look at the Scorpio New Moon that occurred 6 months ago, that was when we went into the cocoon and did the inner work. This cozy little world we've created suited us for some time, but the Full Moon is beckoning to come out. It a time where we spread our wings despite the discomfort that we may experience initially. You set into motion a life where you no longer play small. You have stepped forward into using your most authentic light. That all is meant to be shared and used as a tool to inspire others.

The healthiest thing to do in this moment, is to stop resisting. The Moon sits in Libra before entering Scorpio. We tend to feel off balance a little bit more during this time as Luna calls to the surface what is already shaky. Since Libra is the sign of balance, this basically reveals the cracks in our foundation that can no longer be ignored. Adding to the challenge is the sun sitting in Taurus. Taurus is very grounded and earthy but the current dynamic between the sun and moon means that we may be feeling weighted down and frustrated by our journey. The opposition can create a desire to "throw in the towel" despite how far we have come. Always remember that your biggest leaps forward, tend to proceed your largest step back. A guide to call on during this Full Moon is Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth who ventured into the Underworld.

Her planned descent into the Underworld was to support her sister Ereshkigal in mourning the loss of her husband. Ereshkigal was the Queen of the Underworld and oddly enough it was Inanna who was behind her husband's death. This journey is a symbol of connecting with the Shadow.

In order to make her descent, Inanna had to give an offering at each of the 7 gates into the Underworld. These seven items were not mere things, they were her powers. Inanna ventured into the Shadow world stripped bare of her royal rights. Her intention was to meet her sister but also to come back stronger. Many believe that she wanted to add the Underworld to her kingdom or bring union to her conscious and unconscious personality. No one had made it out of the Shadow ever before. Inanna did due to her careful planning and understanding of both the journey into the dark and the path back to the light.

We learn from Inanna's journey that at times we must let things go in order to reach new levels of consciousness. How much are you willing to release what doesn't serve you, so that there is space to claim what does?

Blessed Be.


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