Seeing Through the Eyes of Love

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Welcome to the Feminine Forecast, a weekly resource that I lovingly put together so that Lightworkers and Healers can align to collective energy and serve with More LOVE and Less Struggle. The Forecast is now available to WATCH on YouTube, Listen on Spotify and Read on the Blog.

If you are new to me and my work I’m Kerin Monaco. I’m a Mystic and Intuitive Guide here to help the Divine Feminine step forward into spiritual mission and confidently express her souls gifts.

While I am called to support the Women… know that if you identify as Male or Other, you are welcome, seen and respected here too.

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How to Use the Feminine Forecast

It is so important to me that this forecast not just be more noise out in the world. I like it to be useful, relevant and impactful.

I recommend grabbing a journal, cards, and maybe even a cup of tea and creating some sacred time to dive into the upcoming energy.

As we journey through the week’s forecast take notes on what resonates. Dive into the reflection prompts and carve out some time for the deepening practices.

If you do this you’ll find yourself no longer forcing things and instead flowing with them. Ultimately, my hope is that you will experience natural and powerful shifts within your life so that it gets easier and you feel more aligned.

This week, I am using Alana Fairchild’s White Light Oracle. It’s a beautiful deck that holds an extremely high vibration.

The card’s that came out were #29. Beatitude of Sacred Rapture and #6. Shekinah.

Seeing Ourselves Through the Eyes of Love

If you caught November’s forecast, you know we are working with the Tower this month, which I shared is not just a sign of chaos and destruction but clarity and awakening.

We are accessing that truth and clarity in this first week of the month and it’s coming as a result of seeing ourselves through the eyes of love.

This is a practice that asks we show up with grace, patience, and forgiveness. We are reminded that we are here as souls having a human experience.

We are not here to achieve perfection. We are here to be authentic. Authenticity and perfection are not synonyms. In fact, authenticity is about embracing our wholeness which includes our imperfections.

Vulnerability as a path to abundance.

As we surrender and allow ourselves to be seen completely, we experience a vulnerability that paves the way for the flood of abundance I spoke about in a recent forecast.

Keep your heart open as you see yourself fully.

As you see yourself and as you love yourself, so will others.

Should you choose to see yourself through the eyes of Love, you may find yourself feeling relief, experiencing a breakdown to breakthrough moment, and awakening to your soul’s higher path. I pray that you proceed gently and consciously.

Working with the Ego

You may receive this transmission and think YES, I’m ready. I want to ground us a little here. But let’s not forget that we do have the ego to contend with. My personal belief is that we don’t want to destroy the ego or ignore it.

Rather we want to listen to it because when we tune into the stories, patterns, and beliefs that it expresses we have the opportunity to clear them. We no longer allow for ourselves to be run by them.

The Cosmos is supporting this work as always. We enter Dark of the Moon on November 2nd which is the ideal time to dive into our bigger emotions, experience them, and release them. Again seeing your ego through the eyes of your soul.

This means we listen without judgement or shame. It means we are in a state of witnessing, respecting, and loving.

I was given the choice. Shame or Love?

When I was channeling this part of the forecast I was brought back to a moment in 2020 when I was really going through a hard time. There was a night where I had been journaling and I was really shown how not only was I going through a heartbreak, I was beating myself up for it.

In that moment, I had the option to continue to pour on the shame or to drench myself in love. I chose love and I felt so much of my healing anchor with that simple choice.

This is where that patience and grace comes in. Be patient with yourself in whatever comes up for you and however it comes up. Give yourself the grace to NOT get it on the first, second, third, 100th time. Give yourself credit for showing up at all.

This work does tend to bring us into exploring forgiveness. You may even find yourself called to forgive others and maybe even yourself. Listen up, remember that you and everyone for that matter have these programs running because you do not know any other way up until when you raise your consciousness around it. That remembering helps you in being more compassionate and understanding towards yourself and others.

Deepening Practice: Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, drop in, see yourself through the eyes of Love. Take 5,10, 15 minutes to just love on your entire being. The aspects you’re proud of and the aspects of you that you struggle to love. Journal on the experience after.

A Time of Holy Transformation

Use this week’s New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th to set the intention to anchor in a new way of being. Set the intention to see yourself through the eyes of love from now on. Scorpio is the holy transformation. It’s the rebirth. This is absolutely the New Moon to enter into love of self. What greater transformation could be we possible go through?

Members: Utilize the Inner Child Deepener and Heal and Play with the Fairies for support.

The Feminine Force

Next we have Shekinah. Shekinah is the Feminine energy in the Kabbalah and a reminder that we were guided to explore The Empress in regards to our Abundance in November’s Monthly Forecast. It is well worth revisiting that message which was about tuning into our beauty.

To support that process, grab my free workbook for November available to you in the show notes.

Shekinah heralds a resolution to whatever it is that is weighing on you and we do that by transmuting that struggle rather than intellectually processing it. The Feminine has found herself in a processing loop and we are asked to pull the plug on that and transmute it right now.

The Shekinah invites you to collaborate with your guides by recommitting and reconnecting to your spiritual practices. Some of you are going to feel a little called out but it’s time for you to meditate. Less talking, reading, learning about it. More Being.

Here’s the thing the practice of meditation is going to look differently for every single person who receives this download. Use the following reflection questions to consider how to connect with Spirit in meditation.

Use this deepening practice to work with this week's energy: Bring your heartaches, challenges, fears, and struggles WITH you to meditation. Use the art of breathing and presence to transmute these denser vibrations. Allow for your spirit team to support this work by coming into a deep connection with them.

Commit to showing up to this work. Make it the first thing you to every day rather than the last thing you schedule for the week.

I shared some big messages with you… I’m sending you even bigger love today.

I am so grateful to be here, to be doing this work, and to be exchanging energy with you. Let’s keep that exchange going. Let’s connect over on Instagram or Facebook.

Find me at @LightworkerKerin on both platforms.

Thank you so much and I will see you next time.

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