Self-Love with Mary Magdalene

Thursday, July 22 is the Feast of Mary Magdalene. This inspired me to reflect on Mary’s leadership as well as share resources on how to honor her.

What I treasure about Mary Magdalene’s frequency is that she is a potent reminder of what’s possible when we embody our Divinity through self-love, healing and going within.

Unfortunately, what I often find is that her story is overshadowed by her being Yeshua’s counterpart… despite it being HER story. He is often spoken about in a way that somehow makes him “more than” her.

Have you ever heard Yeshua introduced as Mary Magdalene’s counterpart? I haven’t. I have often heard her being referred to as “Mary Magdalene, Yeshua’s Twin Flame” though.

In truth, they were equals and if we desire to enter a sacred relationship with another we must first access Divine Union within ourselves. This transformation comes from loving ourselves as we are. Not just our Light but also our Shadow.

This is easier said than done because we know so much about Yeshua’s path while the patriarchy has done nothing but attempt to suppress hers.

I see this awareness and focus on the Masculine partner within my sessions with women. Time and time again, I have to help my clients redirect energy back to themselves. I have to request that they be the “main character” in their life as opposed to handing that power over to another.

If we do not shift this into balance, Divine Union will remain a pipe dream.

To help you shift into this balance and honor Mary Magdalene and the Feminine path, I put a short list of resources, tools and offerings together for you. You’ll find both free opportunities as well as ways to invest in your spiritual growth. ENJOY!


The Relationship Within Pick-A-Card blog

This quick hit of guidance helps you connect on the inner plane.

Self-Love Support Video Playlist

Check out these videos to boost your self-love journey forward.

Self-Love Guide

Within these pages is the way I found most effective in really beginning to know and love my Self.

Invest in Yourself:

Wild-Hearted Collective

Held in this sacred space for the Awakened Feminine are two journeys that will help you connect with the Magdalene Frequency.

Join for as low as $48 a month.

Self-Love Sessions

Click above to learn more about my four week mentorship program that moves you from self-loathing to self-love. $333 for ongoing support all month long. If you have done Chapter 1 of SLS, you may be ready for Chapter 2.



Join the Wild-Hearted Collective for Transformation Upgrade.

In this monthly release we are diving into the cycle of spiritual transformation through sisterhood, cards, and meditation.

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