Feminine Forecast: September 2021

September holds the vibration of 14 (Temperance) which holds the root of 5 (The Hierophant).

September holds the vibration of 14 & 5

Temperance asks the Feminine to have patience in September as the Universe works to make things happen for her.

At times, you may feel disempowered by this call to surrender and “wait”. The Universe is working with what has already been set in motion through your healing, passion, and work ethic.

Rather than focus on what seems beyond your control, you are called to consciously choose somewhere else to look.

Keep in mind that a watched pot never boils.

As you shift your focus, you will be quite surprised by how fast things move for you. Whatever it is you most want to welcome in, let it simmer in September. It’s in the process of becoming.

With the root of 5 (Hierophant), September will bring up the need to address religious programming and how it has impacted the way in which you connect with Spirit. The specific wound rising to the surface is the belief that you need an intermediary to connect with your spiritual support team or the God of your understanding.

Loving Reminder: Everyone has the same potential to communicate with Spirit. It’s just a matter of developing it in a way that works for you.

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For the Feminine leader, the Hierophant does note a month where your teachings will be reaching new souls called to work with you. Continue to share your authentic voice and offerings so that they can find you.

In addition, avoid situations and spaces that are looking to the future with fear and anxiety. This is not about ignoring current issues or situations but rather seeking opportunities to truly “be the change” we wish to see in the world.

Everything we focus on expands. If we continue to remain focused on the problems present on Earth then we lend energy to them. If we stay centered in solutions then there is greater potential for us to experience loving shifts in this lifetime.


This pertains not just to the macrocosm but the microcosm as well. If you want to see something different on the planet, consider what it is reflecting to you and make the shift within yourself.

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Happy Birthday Season Virgo!

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September is a powerful month for you Virgo. You have this clear vision of what life will look like when all the pieces fall into place. You want the happily ever after and this doesn’t just pertain to love or family. This is bigger than that.

You want it all. And you should. You are here to experience everything this world has to offer. If you can envision it, it is possible. You know this now. You no longer ask for permission. You just ask how you can be in alignment.

In September, make sure you are spending time celebrating everything that has already manifested. Pause and be in deep gratitude because that will allow for so much more to be brought to your doorstep. There will be many opportunities for you to disconnect from “work” and be in the vibration of joy. Make sure you say “yes” to them.

Get ready because you will be experiencing life in the fast lane and it’s important that you really think things through prior to making any impulsive decisions. You may sense you are nearing the finish line of a big goal and Spirit is really suggesting that you stay the course rather than attempt to speed it up with a last minute change.

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