Timeless Pick-A-Card: Shadow with Machig Labdron

Did you notice that a certain Dakini was VERY present in the June Forecasts?

Machig Labdron was the guiding energy for four of the zodiac signs (Capricorn, Leo, Gemini and Scorpio) which means she was also present in a sign from each element.

Machig Labdron is of the Buddhist tradition and powerful support for when we are doing intense Shadow work.

She stands with us as we explore our Shadow self in a way that not heals but harnesses their power and transmutes the density we hold around them. Our Shadow aspects are the parts of us that we pray others don’t see.

What so many people fail to realize is that these qualities control us until we do some work surrounding them.

To help you work with her energy and embrace your Shadow, get started by using this timeless Pick-A-Card. In this reading, I am going to shine a light on a Shadow aspect of you, how it has served you in the past, and how you can make peace with it.

Remember this is general and whenever we talk about Shadow, things can get a little uncomfortable. Take the parts that resonate and don’t shy away from doing that healing work.

If you want to explore your shadow more, consider The Ways of the Underworld.

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Pile 1

You have this tendency to shift your personality, beliefs, and values in order to get what you want. This stems from a lack of confidence in yourself. You don’t always show up authentically and you know this deep down. It doesn’t feel good to you but in the past this way of existing has created a lot of positive opportunities for you. You’ve likely ended up with your time in the spotlight by playing a role rather than letting people know who you really are. At times you question if you even know who you really are.

How can you make peace with this? Trust your intuition. There have definitely been times you have compromised who you really are in order to be liked, land the job, or whatever it was. You are being harder on yourself than you need to be. Get honest and consider where you might have stepped out of your integrity in the past. Forgive yourself for doing what you thought you needed to do. Take it one step farther and start to let people experience all of you, not just the parts, you believe they will like.

For help with your Shadow, consider Ways of the Underworld.


Pile 2

You know a lot of things about a lot of things and yet you don’t feel “smart”. In fact you might even label this aspect of your Shadow as “dumb” or “stupid” or a “liar” or “imposter”. This all comes back to feeling enough. You hide behind the knowledge of others and resist thinking for yourself at times. This has served you in the past in a way that has kept you small and prevented you from feeling rejected.

Making peace with this is going to take a little effort from you. You have such strength, charisma, and intelligence but you are hesitant to let that really be seen in the world because of how vulnerable it makes you feel. Sharing others ideas is something you’re comfortable with but it’s a different story when it comes to your own. You are going to be able to make peace with this part of you as you commit to showing up naturally rather than hiding behind the words, channelings, and beliefs of others.

Your Shadow Self would be supported by The Wild-Hearted Collective.


Pile 3

Your Shadow aspect is a feeling of dependency and some of you might even identify as codependent. You do have a tendency to become emotionally and perhaps financially dependent on others. Some of you have partners that take care of everything. What’s interesting is that many of you are unhappy with this way of being. You want to step into your independence.

In the past, this Shadow aspect has been reinforced by people that want to take care of you. You have naturally found people that don’t mind supporting you and this does impact your sense of worth and self-love. This pile has a inner child work to do surrounding the father wound. You may identify as a Daddy’s girl or have experienced the Absent Father.

To step forward it’s time to be bold and flex your Independent Woman muscles. It’s going to be really uncomfortable but you absolutely have what it takes. This is going to look different for everyone but really consider what you can do to cultivate a sense of security within yourself and meet your own needs.

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