Soul Growth 101: Your Body Matters

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

As a spiritually curious soul, I’ve tried all the things. I have lifetimes upon lifetimes of testing new modalities and healing myself and others through various practices.

One of the major things I have remembered in this lifetime is the importance of tending to your physical vessel. If you are not physically taking care of yourself, any soul growth you attempt will not stick.

The body you have incarnated in desperately wants you to stabilize and nourish it so that it can then support your ascension process.

It’s like getting a deep tissue massage to release the tension and toxins from your system then grabbing a burger and coke right after. Your body was just treated to a deep healing and instead of allowing the purge, you pile on more work for it.

Getting the body back to health is such a simple process that we love to over-complicate… right alongside every other aspect of our life.

There are four simple things you can do to create major shifts on your journey towards long-term healing and-growth

1. Healthy diet

This doesn’t mean buying the weight-loss program that is a bit “extra” or a profound cleanse that keeps you stuck on “the pot” for hours a day. This is merely about looking at the foods you consume and finding healthy alternatives. You don’t have to be perfect, but we can all evaluate what we put into our body and make a change to support this process.

This doesn’t mean adhering to a certain “spiritual” diet. This just means noting what your body needs and supporting it with what you put into it.

2. Hydration

I hate to break this to you but this means straight water. My favorite practice is holding a glass of room temperature H2O first thing in the morning and infusing an intention of gratitude into it.

When I feel ready, I drink up knowing that my body is not only receiving more of what it is made of but ALSO all those positive vibrations I set into it.

When I started doing this, I noticed my outlook on life became more uplifting and the journey was more fluid. I now try my best to infuse an intention into every glass I drink.

3. Movement

You have a ton of energy stored in the body and in fact most of the time that built up energy is what creates the racing thoughts, overwhelming meltdowns, and inability to “be” in meditation.

When you move your body you intuitively surrender what is limiting you. Frequently when people hear exercise, their mind journeys to the expensive flashy gym and committing to hours of time sweating it out.

If that doesn’t resonate, start with light stretches from bed.

4. Rest

I save the best for last… and perhaps for those who are Wild-Hearted the one that will be the most challenging. Fueled by expansion, at times the Wild-Hearted consistently shows up ready for action, learning, and implementing.

Rest allows the body to process and recalibrate from the journey we invest our energy on. This can come by way of naps or even just laying on the couch with a cup of tea and good book.

Play with what rejuvenates your body and you will notice that everything else you are doing is so much sweeter.

If you want to take your soul growth to the next level, let's talk in a Soul Support Session. Book time to talk with me here.

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