Step Back Into Your Light

Stepping into the world of spiritual evolution is called "awakening" for a reason...

Granted it feels like waking up to ice water being thrown on your face... AND once you come through the shock of it all... there's no coffee.

Once you get wind of exactly what is happening to you, it still isn't clear what you can do about it. 

The reality is that once you wake up... you can't go back to sleep. You can't "unsee"... Trust me I tried. 

This whole journey is imperfectly beautiful. It is blessed with very obvious miracles and some devastating losses. 

There usually is a stint done in the Underworld which is messy, raw and relatively unavoidable. You can check out my very candid blog about that here

Having been there many times, I have also learned the ways that can help you emerge out of that space. These are ways to actively address what is rising within you rather than distract yourself from the work. These suggestions don't take away the pain but are opportunities to use, process and grow. 

Which of these seven tips will you use to reclaim your light?

#1 Interact with Nature

I ran a nature trail occasionally before I hit my spiritual rock bottom. Try to get outside every day. Even if in the beginning all you can muster is the trip to the front door to your car so you can drive and get a latte, DO IT.  Being with the elements helps us get back into the flow of our natural cycle. Try to experience at least one of Mother Earth's miracles while you sip your Starbucks.

#2 Move Your Body

As your vibration shifts and changes a great way to get rid of the excess and work with what you have is to exercise. I felt really drawn to Kundalini yoga. If you already work out, play around with different types of exercise to see what creates calm power in you. If you don't currently have a fitness routine, start where you are comfortable.

#3 Find Your Tribe

I was really fortunate because when I "woke up", I had people in my life who I learned already went through what I was experiencing. They were able to pave the way for me and offer such wisdom. You may meet them in real life but there are many opportunities through social media, like my Facebook group Sisterhood of Stars.

#4 Read Books and Follow Through

Books are such an amazing and affordable way to process the path. They will help you learn from the experience and highlight the way home. Most of the books about this journey offer tools, tips, and options for further exploration. I highly recommend you follow through with whatever resonates.I recently wrote about 10 books that I worked through during my first awakening here.

#5 Meditate

This is going to be a suggestion regardless of where you go for advice. Meditation doesn't have to be seated and silent. You can infuse mantras into an evening walk. Lay in bed with a guided meditation. Go to yoga for the movement to breath connection. Gardening to be with the land... Whatever drops you into the present moment and lets you focus on your breath... Do THAT!

#6 Explore Your Gifts

A lot of women on this journey are burnt out in every way imaginable. They have been burning at both ends and with the intensity of their awakening can't continue. When we access our gifts and give from that space, sharing does not feel so depleting. Make a list of what you are good at. You may struggle in the beginning, but you will learn what amazing skills, talents, and gifts you have to share. 

#7 Find Your Soul's Purpose

This time during your life is probably when you start to question your higher purpose. We pre-planned our journey and recognized that we might get a little lost along the way. We left markers to point us in the right direction. Tarot and Astrology both have components that can lead you to your purpose and I guide you through finding them in The Soulpreneur Journey. Alongside learning where you hid your purpose, I also mentor you through meeting, interacting, and nurturing your relationship with your Spirit Guides in this self-paced program. 

Which tip are you going to start with today? Do you have one that you would add to this list? I would love to hear your favorites in Sisterhood of Stars! If you're not there already, join today!

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