Stepping Off The Wheel

I have not done solid research on this, but I would say that the Wheel of Fortune is probably THE most pulled card in my Tarot readings.

By the time a woman books a reading with me, they have sat with a decision, idea, or challenge for quite a bit of time. They have likely even made progress towards their desired outcome but things still aren't shaping up to what they were hoping.

In fact, these women likely booked their reading after spending time going inward just like "The Hermit," the card preceeding the Wheel.

Does this idea of being stuck resonate with you? Have you ever experienced a time where you felt you couldn't gain ground on life?

That's typically when Wheel of Fortune enters.

Seeing this somewhat ominous looking card, is when we know it's time to step off "The Wheel." If we continue the way we have been, we will go in circles.

The only way forward is off. The wheel will not stop turning.

What holds us back from the step forward is "What if..." Syndrome. We all have suffered with it at some point in the journey. I bet if you sat right now with the idea you are manifesting, you would be able to rattle off at least 10 negative "what ifs."

We should absolutely start to change our mindset. Mindset is unlikely something you can change overnight.

I want you to imagine that you are sitting with me and I just pulled The Wheel of Fortune for you.

Here is what I would say:

It's time to take a step forward. What is one thing you can do with confidence right now to move towards your desire? Remember that even if you were to take a wrong step, a wrong step is still movement forward. When we take consecutive steps, even when they end up being "wrong," we find a greater opportunity to figure out what the right path actually is.

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