Ten Books Every Awakened Woman Should Read

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

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One of the questions I am asked most frequently is what books I've loved along my journey. Women want to get absorbed in soul shaking reads that help them unlock their divinity and rise into their purpose. They want something that will inspire them, remind them they are not alone, but also bring them through to other side of their path. 

There are so many resources out there but what I love about books is that they are budget friendly, self -paced, and can go with your anywhere that your transformation takes you. 

So if you are just like those women, here are the TOP 10 books that have helped me on my journey so far. 

#1 Light is the New Black

This book is packed with inspiring insight from Rebecca Campbell. The chapters are relatively short and to the point. It is packed with incredible meditations, journaling prompts, and sacred wisdom. This book changed my life. So many of my wounds were healed through Campbell's unique energy. If you end up devouring it the way I did, check out her book Rise,Sister, Rise which is equally as potent. 

#2 The Universe Has Your Back

Gabrielle Berstein cracked me open to the world of divine timing and orchestration with this fantastic read. She gives you practical exercises that tend to provoke an immediate response from the Divine. If you are feeling low vibe and like miracles aren't something that happen in your life, start here. The miracles will follow. May as well grab the Oracle deck too.

#3 Journey to the Dark Goddess

Jane Meredith sweeps you away into the Underworld in this book. You get intimately connected with Inanna, Persephone and Psyche. I read this book during one of my "dark night of the soul" descents and it played an integral role in allowing me to see the light again. The rituals and offerings she provides are not for the surface dweller. This book is for the goddess ready to deal with her Shadow and merge it with her light. I gathered a huge amount of inspiration from this book for Ways of the Underworld in the Wild-Hearted Collective.

#4 The Holy Wild

After reading the introduction of this book I was shaking. Danielle Dulsky pulls no punches from the first page. You will want to race through this passionate and lush book. I know I did. The power of this book is returning to page one immediately after finishing and immersing yourself in "the work" offered. This is not something you read and put down. This is truly the bible every wild hearted woman has been waiting for. 

#5 Moonology

Moon worship is all the rage right now. Women everywhere are looking to connect deeper to Lady Luna and who can blame them. This book is an easy and digestible place to start. Yasmin Boland will help you find your rising sign and plan your New Moon and Full Moon practices accordingly. She offers such a detailed description of each New/Full Moon that this book functions as a great resource to check in with routinely. I actually love to gift this title with it's matching Oracle deck of the same name and planner. Throw in a crystal and essential oil and you have yourself a beautiful gift basket for a special someone.

#6 Goddess Wisdom Made Easy

If I were to create a Goddess 101 course, this would be the textbook. Tanishka does an exceptional job at starting at step one and leading the emerging goddess within down the path. This book is rich with history, an explanation of the Goddess archetypes, transformation rituals, and a deep understanding of what it is like to be a woman stepping into her goddess power for the first time. 

#7 Burning Woman

For all those women unearthing their suppressed "Witch" this is an amazing guide. If you are passionate and yearning to stoke that inner fire, you are ready for Burning Woman. 

WARNING: You will likely get lost between these covers and emerge with the most unapologetic version of yourself.  I honestly don't even know what else to say about it. It left me speechless... which is not easy to do!

#8 Moon Power

When I do natal chart readings for women, I love to refer them to this gem of a title. Within Moon Power, you'll find a detailed reveal of your Moon Sign. Simone Butler digs into karmic lessons, ideal partners, rituals, goddesses (both modern and historical), and practices that will further you in your Moon worship. This is an amazing book to focus on during a woman's gathering as everyone can talk and compare what resonated with their moon sign and educate those around them. 

#9 Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

My guides let themselves be known quite frequently and they made sure I bought this book. For weeks I had been guided to "Stand Still." It was coming through in a myriad of ways and I continued to resist it. I happened to pick up this book in the bookstore and flipped it open to a page that had the heading "Stand Still." Message received. Book bought. If you are looking to start working with or deepen your connection to your guides, this book will do just that. It's a relatively short and easy read which is not always something we stumble upon in the world of spiritual books.

#10 Experience Your Good Now

There is no way that I could have this kind of book list without a title from Louise Hay. Regardless of which of her books you pick up, you are bound to fall in love with her wisdom. In this book you are given everything you need to create powerful affirmations covering a range of topics. She covers everything from health, addictions, work, and relationships. The copy I have is pocket size so I love to toss it in my purse to read through over a chai.

UPDATE: My New List of Books for the Awakened Woman is coming out this month... FINALLY. After all this one is from 2019!!!! To make sure you don't miss it, follow me over on Facebook.

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