The Biggest Step Towards Self-Love

When I first stepped into the world of spirituality, the buzz phrase was "self-care." We were telling women everywhere that they needed to carve out time for themselves. 

Get to yoga. 

Take a bubble bath.

Color in an adult coloring book.

Indulge in chocolate.

Have Full Moon Rituals.

We quickly realized that while this rejuvenated us; it was temporary. It did very little for the long term burn out and compassion fatigue the modern woman was experiencing. For many, self-care just made us feel like there was "one more thing for us to do" and one more area of life we were falling short.

So we shifted into this idea that our lack of "self-love" was the problem.

I was told that the source of my issues was the fact that I wasn't in love with myself. When I would ask for suggestions on how to shift that, I never felt like it got me anywhere. It was esoteric chatter.

So what did I do? I didn't disagree. I KNEW my issue revolved around the idea that I had very little appreciation and respect for who I was but I was endlessly frustrated that no one seemed to have any action oriented steps to help transition me into a mindset of unapologetic LOVE for myself. 

That pent up annoyance finally nudged me to stop engaging in the self-love dialogue at all. I threw myself into work and more specifically the upcoming restructuring of the Soulpreneur Journey

Through this, I realized that one of the most loving and compassionate things I could do for myself was to get serious about embodying the purpose I was here to fulfill. 

In order to keep momentum up, I made a daily date with myself to understand my mission using the tarot, astrology, and working with my guides. Since I was stepping into that zone consistently, I found that I was able to embody and communicate my calling more completely.

Even more so, instead of the constant struggle to "do all the things," I unearthed what my gifts and strengths were through a close examination of my cards and stars. I no longer felt like I was pushing because I worked from my comfort zone and looked elsewhere for support in the parts that challenged me. 

From that total immersion and fine tuning of what my soul's purpose and life's work is about, I entered first into a state of acceptance of who I am and then a total celebration of the transformation I am here to guide women through. I wasn't defining myself by my work but I started to see that it is part of the beauty of my soul. 

What I've learned through my own process, reading charts and cards for women, and then leading my Soulpreneur program is that a concrete action we can take in truly stepping into a love of self (and Self) is to get clear on WHY we are here and work from that space.

When you start to see your purpose take shape on paper by diving headfirst into sacred tools like Tarot Birth Constellations, your Natal Chart, and an open exchange with your Spirit Guides, it changes things. 

It changes you. 

How different would you feel if you worked from your magical gifts as oppose to constantly struggling to overcome your challenges?

Giving from your strengths will make you appreciate who you are but also help to work from a space that doesn't feel so draining. You are able to give more authentically and open up to receive the beauty of your work. You step into such confidence around your purpose that it trickles into other areas of your life.

What would your day look like if you knew the tribe you were here to serve and join?

I bet you would waste no time in finding those people. What I have witnessed is just by finding the information in your Natal Chart and speaking it, you become a magnet for your soul pod. The group of people you are here to connect with will start coming out of nowhere to experience your light and help it burn brighter. This is where so many women feel a sense of coming home.  

Can you imagine a life where you understand the unique wound you are here to heal and teach from?

In an instant, I guarantee you will experience a deep recognition of your pain points and begin to identify them as part of your magick rather than let them keep you small. You will break through the beliefs and patterns that have kept the wound trapped. You will heal it with a purposeful elixir and then guide others through that process. 

Do you even need me to get started on what is available to you when you understand your karmic path?

This insight has created such epic shifts for myself and the women in the program. They learn how to work with their strengths, keep their eyes open for opportunities, and bust through the lessons of this lifetime. All of a sudden limitations can be viewed as soul contracts you are rising to overcome.

And perhaps the biggest sigh of relief is that you learn this all for yourself.

Gone are the days where you spend money on done for you tools.

You learn how to refer back to your Tarot Birth Constellation when you are experiencing one of life's big lessons.

Through your Natal Chart you find where to go when you need to course correct or pivot.

You enter a time of self-study that has no limits.

The connection you will build with your spirit guides, angels, mentors, and teachers will carry you into living the life you were born to lead.

You shouldn't have to wait until the end of August to experience your purpose.

Get on the waitlist for Soulpreneur and you will immediately be sent my guided meditation "The Energy of Your Purpose". 

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