The Depth of Your Moon

Astrology is one of the most powerful tools a woman can have as she ventures into the darker sides of herself. When we access the parts that we tend to either consciously or unconsciously keep hidden, we are shown what we incarnated to heal. Even though these wounds are raw, deep, and scary, when we do the work, we aren't just elevating our own consciousness; we are raising the vibration of the planet. 

It is the "I heal, you heal" paradox. 

So how do we use astrology to really address some of this work? Layers of our wounds and purpose are shown throughout our chart and if you follow Stars In Her Eyes, you will start to learn all about it. 

BUT to celebrate that 50 years ago this week (7/20) was man's first walk on the moon, we are starting with the sign Lady Luna sits in within your natal chart. If you haven't already, check out my tutorial here on where to get your chart for free. 

Each moon sign has a particular set of triggers, fears, wounds, and emotional expressions. The triggers are usually activated when someone mirrors them to us. We learn our fears and wounds so we can identify them and address them. When we determine what sets us off and how we respond, we are empowered to understand the why but also the way forward. 

Find your moon sign and read through the description.  Does it resonate or are these things that perhaps you are on the high side of? If you recognize some of yourself in the emotional low side of your sign (which is the part I've written about this week), what are they leading you to heal?

I would love to hear what you think after reading on your moon's sign triggers, wounds and emotional expression. Leave me a comment here or head into Sisterhood of Stars.



The Aries Moon is the emotional child of the zodiac. They are triggered when they feel their autonomy and independence are threatened. Whether it be in the board room or at a board game, Aries women do not like to lose. As a fire fueled sign, these individuals react quite passionately and move through their feelings easily. However; when they enter into a space where they lack control, the only way through is for them to actively process their feelings (ie: go for a run, immerse themselves in a creative project, breath of fire, etc). These individuals are triggered by emotions in general. At times the feelings of others and a disregard of their own feelings will bring out their flashy anger. Driven by an intense desire to survive, they will react to any threats made on their sense of security. They will also struggle when being asked to put the needs and goals of others in front of their own.


The emotional Bull of the zodiac is strong and steady in their feelings and does best when living a life that is equally as grounded. This earth sign is triggered when experiencing a lack of comfort and tangible items. They need "the stuff" and without it they sit in a "lack" mentality. Due to the strength of this sign when they feel a sense of helplessness they are likely to unpack in their emotions and become immovable. For this sign to process their feelings, they need to come into contact with nature and honor the cycle of their emotions, thoughts, and inner work. If a Taurus moon feels that others imply they are dependent on their support system they will react quite strongly. Of utmost important to the Taurus moon is the desire for financial and material security. They will work tirelessly to ensure they are not in a state of want, although at times they need to shift their focus into the abundance of things unseen. 


The Gemini moon is committed to their quest for the "Perfect Person". As the sign of the twins, they frequently are looking for completion outside of themselves and rarely find "the one" that lasts. Due to the seeking of partners and social connections externally they can enter the low side of believing that the grass is always greener. It is this tendency that creates feelings of boredom and restlessness. These wounds also may create a fear of commitment.  They are deeply triggered by judgement and responses that are more emotional than rational. A great fear of the Gemini Moon is being wrong and so at times they will not use their voice to express their truth. This can create an inner conflict for this moon sign especially due to the fact that they are triggered when they feel they are unheard. This air sign, tends to overthink and will resist "feeling" in an effort to make the more rational choice out of a situation.


The watery sign of Cancer is one who responds deeply when they feel they are not getting attention or are having their feelings ignored. Since this sign feels everything, negative emotions bring them into pretty intense lows. The flip side is that their highs are quite uplifting. Since this sign is all about nurturing and emoting, when a Cancer moon comes into contact with people who are emotionally withdrawn, they take it as a personal affront. Fear of being abandoned and rejected tend to send the sign of the crab into its shell. She will isolate herself in order to be protected. What ends up happening is an even deeper onset of emotions if no one comes to tend to their feelings or take care of them. This moon sign feels threatened when being asked to work independently since they have such a deep craving to connect with others.


The saying goes "No one shines quite like a Leo" and the moon signs triggers further that case. This fire-y moon loves status and when that spotlight feels threatened it results in a flashy reaction. They do not take kindly when asked to dim to fit in. If they are asked to play a supporting role or stay in the background, it can create volcanic emotional expressions. Being a moon sign that is quite objective driven they strive for recognition. If that recognition is not received the Leo will need to go lick their wounds but not until they let you know exactly how they are feeling. As Leo is the loyal lion of the zodiac, disloyalty is a trigger for them particularly when it comes to romantic partnerships. Since they are on a constant quest for accolades, personal mistakes that make them feel unworthy of the spotlight will be a source of wounding for them. 


The Virgo Moon craves perfection, attention to detail and predictability. If things don't meet those expectations this moon sign will go within and scold themselves. While giving a lot of grace to others they aren't ones to direct that inward. Due to their intense need to do things "just so", having their choices or lifestyle questioned by others will send this Earth sign into their shadow. Criticism coming at them from anyone will make them feel inadequate and devalued.  This is furthered by their interest in the opinions of others. The Virgo Moon also feels a profound desire to serve and when they can't it creates a sense of loss. Their high standards mean they believe they should be able to help and care for everyone.  They are so anchored in their responsibility towards everything that they tend to forget themselves. When left unaddressed, this moon sign can play the martyr. 


What Libra moons crave above all else is balance and when the scales in any part of life get tipped, these woman can enter a state of over-committing themselves to the solution. Triggered by anything that creates disharmony, as an air sign, they believe the power is being logical about it. These people pleasers will try to prevent imbalance by sacrificing their own needs and desires. Unfortunately, that backfires because they also need to experience reciprocity in relationships and situations. Getting vulnerable for this moon sign can trigger them to pull back as they have a fear of rejection and upsetting others with their truth. This sign is frequently seen in women who work to keep things fair and equal. Witnessing injustice and inequality will bring out this air signs ability to advocate effectively. 


Scorpio moons hold a lot of emotional power so when they feel, it is unlikely something trivial that provokes them. They thrive having control over their feelings in situations and are deeply triggered when they feel that power dissipating. When they are asked to let go and let themselves feel their way through things, as a water sign it places them in the heart of their Shadow. These women want answers and loyalty, especially in their sexual relationships.  Since they usually want things their way they are not ones that will willingly lower their standards. In fact it is really a loss of control in any area of life that will send this moon sign spiraling as in their eyes it threatens survival. These woman do not like to be challenged and any questions regarding their leadership and/or abilities will reveal areas the healing must take place. 


Sagittarius moon women crave tangible results for their work efforts. While open-minded, the struggle presents when they have to have faith in the unseen fruits of their labor. Being asked to use patience makes this fire sign see red. They do not do well when they are bored and will crave the perfect solution. Compromise is not one of their strengths. They will resist following the rules if they feel the rules do not make sense and to a Sagittarius moon, they rarely make sense.  These individuals are quite hard on themselves when they do not meet standards that have been set for them. They are triggered by narrow minded thinking and when their freedom is taken away. These women need space to be free and explore. 


Capricorn moons are typically steady in their emotions but when they do get triggered they are unlikely to change direction because of it. These women are sensitive to being disrespected especially when it comes through as a request for them to hide their light. Traditionally they are quite confident in their feelings and capable of independently processing them. The area of life these women do need some reassurance in are relationships. They are aware of their strength and at times can become triggered by someone who isn't able to handle it. As women on a quest for status and to climb the ladder that drive can leave them missing the big picture. When they finally stop and realize they may have missed something it will trigger inner work for them. They are also women who thrive on helping and will turn inwards when unable to support someone. 


Aquarian moons feel the plight of humanity. The state of the outside world can create low self-worth and feelings of isolation. They have a deep fear of emotional rejection and will wall themselves up in efforts to not let their feelings be witnessed by others. This air sign is all about fixing the inhumanity and can neglect their individual emotions for the sake of the collective. When an Aquarian is in a relationship they can be so up in their heads that they do not understand their own needs. This can trigger them to feel dissatisfied in partnerships. Due to their more global perspective they are sensitive to the selfishness of others and will retract into themselves so as not to engage in the world that they long to change. 


The Pisces moon women is the epitome of a dreamer and drifter. She will frequently experience the failure to live up to your vision quite deeply. Since reality is a hard place for them to unpack when they are forced to fact the facts, it can be a shocking wake up call. These women will feel intuitively and swim in their emotions. At times when pushed for answers or action, this water sign will shut down and even escape into an addiction of their choice (food, sex, drugs, exercise etc.). While most Pisces women can handle responsibility, it is not something they seek out. Despite this freedom and fluidity that they crave, they have certain standards they want to see met, usually by others. When those standards aren't met, this moon sign will likely sweep everyone up in their feelings. 

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