The Empress

Learn how to use the third card in the Major Arcana

We all have the ONE CARD that haunts us in Tarot. It is the card that shows us in any and all locations within a spread. It's the card that has been pulled so many times, we aren't really even surprised by it anymore.

This could indicate that a significator is surfacing. This is a card that symbolizes the individual the cards are pulled for. It can also mean that the lessons have yet to be addressed regardless of efforts have been made.

The card that consistently comes forward for me is The Empress. This past weekend when doing a Celtic Cross spread, she showed as the Outcome card. Days after my birthday earlier this month, I sat at my altar and was eye to eye with one of my deck's. There was a card screaming to be looked at. The intensity coming from the card made me realize that this wasn't just a message for the day but one for my entire year. I flipped the card and there she sat. The Empress.

The Empress is an indicator that we need to connect more with our feminine energy. She is a call to answer the sacred side of ourselves that fuels our intuition and emotional body. She holds the Mother archetype within her so when we pull this card, we may be asked to ground our energy and spend time in nature. She pushes us toward nurturing and caring for others but also demands that we give ourselves the same kindness. It is through her wisdom that we begin to heal some of our core wounds and make progress on the journey to wholeness.

The Empress also highlights a time of growth and abundance. If you have planted seeds in your life, you are likely about to see them generate some return soon. When we look at the Empress, we see great beauty and vibrancy. What we need to remember is that we are a product of what we surround ourselves with in life. If you want to live a high-vibe life, you must be intentional with what you invite and host.

As the third card in the Major Arcana, we know that she is a powerful message. Numbered as the third card, we are given insight into her qualities. She is a woman of divine nature. Three is the number of divinity. We see it come up in things like the Triple Goddess and Holy Trinity. We know the journey is spiritual and sacred when The Empress presents.

Despite how heavy that might feel, it is lightened by the presence of Venus in this card. Venus is the planet of pleasure, beauty, and joy. It is a reminder that at the end of this path is total manifestation of our dreams. As the planet that governs the Earth signs of Taurus and the Air sign of Libra, we may even use the Empress as an indicator to take a look at values and relationships.

Should the Empress come up for you in a Tarot reading, you can use the following to build a relationship with her and do the work you are being called to do.

*What is your eye drawn to when looking at the card? *Place yourself as The Empress, what story is the card telling. *Have you been called to peel back a layer of your spirituality? *Are there areas of life that you are witnessing growth or progress towards your dreams? *Have you taken time to surround yourself with what you want more of in life? *What brings you joy and pleasure? What is the most basic pleasure in your life? *Are there relationships in your life that you need to spend time nurturing?

If you are really connecting to the energy and outcomes of The Empress. Book a Celtic Cross reading. We can plant her as the outcome card and view your path to inviting her loving, abundant, and vibrant energy into your life. Book here.

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