The Foundation: Taurus Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse

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Below Nuts, Bolts & Resources from this week's Feminine Forecast.

  • November 19th: Partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus.

  • Eclipse energy will illuminate what you need to take a look at now.

  • Taurus Full Moon illuminates what isn't built on a solid foundation

  • Explore the foundation of anything that seems to be calling for your attention this week.

  • Recommendation: Don't charge your crystals and decks under an eclipse.

Decks Used:

Triple Goddess Tarot and Magdalene Oracle

Cards for the Week

6 of Swords (reversed)

  • Feminine senses new chapter but resists due to being unclear on what is next.

  • Whatever she clings to prolongs feeling The Pause

  • Smooth transition and great beginning await


  • Misinterpreting what letting go means for long term vision

  • Currently viewing the situation from her ego

  • Invitation to feel into the energy of what’s ahead

Deepening Practice

Grab your favorite card deck and use this simple spread.

Card 1: Ego Story

What is your fear telling you? You may want to be pull two cards asking for what the ego is trying to protect you from?

Card 2: Heart's Knowing

Your heart knows what's up! Listen to it.

Card 3: The Way Forward

It's time to get out of your own way. What's the very next step you need to take?


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