The Path of the Wild Feminine

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I went LIVE on Friday in Sisterhood of the Wild Feminine to talk about the energies in our tribe.

I can’t express enough how blessed I am to be witnessing the journey of so many incredible women.

It is humbling and inspiring. It is a reminder of the work I am here to do and all that we stand to gain by being among others on a spiritual path.

From reflecting on my own journey and looking at the path of those around me, I have come to realize that there are four major markers on the path of the Wild-Hearted Feminine.

Take a look and then consider which marker you have come to and how to embrace that phase.

Stage 1: Stuck in the Self-Made Prison

If you feel like you can’t get out of the dark hole…

That you are out of options…

Or perhaps even that you are just destined to live the life you are living; you are in the Self-Made Prison.

I am NOT saying that what is keeping you stuck is easy or invalid.

I am definitely not one to point the finger and say “This is your fault.”

You are stuck for a reason and while it absolutely sucks to hear that, I can almost guarantee there is something very important you have yet to learn from the cage of your present circumstances.

Usually what keeps you stuck is the fear of making the wrong choice. Eventually you will come into this zone of being so uncomfortable in feeling stuck that you risk making a choice.

By making a choice the only thing you tend to risk is ending up back exactly where you are already.

To bust through that prison, ask yourself:

*What is one small change I can make in my options that will make them more appealing?

* Is there an opportunity to shift my mindset so I can see with greater perspective?

* How am I standing in my own way?

Usually one small step out of the prison leads you directly into the fire.

Stage 2: Walking Through Fire

All it takes is one step in any direction to get out of confinement. Where this single step will likely lead you is into the hot seat.

It is in this fire you recognize what you are made of… which is the very flames that you once felt were consuming you.

When you are in the fire, it always seems as though you are walking deeper into an engulfed tunnel with no exit point.

You question not only how to get out but also how you ever made your way in.

The truth is the WildHearted Feminine is built for dancing rather than tiptoeing in the flames.

The flames motivate us. You thought being stuck was bad but when you are feeling the heat… you are much more willing to try everything and anything to get out of it.

If you are currently in the fire, ask yourself this:

* What does seem to be working that got me this far?

*How can I tame the flames just a little bit to gain clarity?

* Who do I know that can call me out of this?

That last question is important because for every step you take on the path, there is a woman who came before you that is ready (and willing) to go in and light the way home.

And that point actually calls us to...

Stage 3: Dancing Through the Fire

You’ve made it through the fire and you aren’t naive. You accept it is going to call you back in.

While you are through it… it is not done with you.

You will need to dance your way into it again.

This stage is different. You don’t have to go back to the other side.

This phase is all about embodying what you have learned. The quicker you sit with the tools and concepts, the shorter the stay.

Anything can bring you back into the heart of the heat. This time, you may be beckoned by a soul sister who needs you to light the way out.

It is in the part where you are given the opportunity to lead by demonstrating what you already know.

Here is where you fine tune the coping mechanisms and see all that you have healed.

I frequently find that you will be in the middle of this until you are asked for guidance and recognize you had the answers for yourself. You just needed someone else to draw it out of you.

It is from this you gain confidence and confirmation of all that you have healed.

If are shuffling back into this pit, consider this:

* What part of my journey am I being called to revisit?

* Who needs me beside them on their journey and how can I grow from being there?

* Which of my skills am I being asked to fine tune?

It is in this phase that you finally get to...

Stage 4: The Other Side

Once you have made it through you get to anchor down on the other side and call those who are still doing the sacred dance to the space you hold beside you.

You rally for them and show them how beautiful it is to stand on the outside.

You gaze at them in total admiration of how strong they are as they draw towards you. Your heart swells with pride as you recognize yourself and your journey reflected back to you.

There is also a surrender and acceptance that comes at this point in the journey. You know this is a point of rest but that you must venture on into the next lesson.

This is the moment you courageously turn and face the next fire.

Congratulations Warrior Woman… You have come far on the Path of the Wild-Hearted Feminine.

As always I am so honored that you are working through this spiritual path with me. Join me in Sisterhood of the Wild Feminine this week as we journey deeper on the path one stage at a time.

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