The Pause & Ascension Symptoms

The Feminine Forecast is a weekly resource that helps Lightworkers & Healers align with collective energy so they can serve with MORE LOVE and less struggle.

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The Pause

When I sat down to channel this week’s energy the word that came through was “PAUSE”. There is no doubt that we were all guided to slow down this past summer as a result of Retrograde season.

Are you on the right path?

The Feminine Collective shifted so much within these past few months and is now sitting and waiting for the external to catch up. This liminal space has been uncomfortable and caused many to question if they are on the right path.

Beloved Sister, you are. Keep Going.

Now that planets are moving direct, we can expect momentum to build again in the upcoming months, however; this coming week holds the energy of the “calm before the storm”.

Are you prepared to serve and experience abundance?

While Collectively we will be facing The Tower in November, the storm coming in for Feminine Healers and Lightworkers is one of abundance. As many new souls awaken in the upcoming weeks, they will be turning to those who have showed up to serve.

Guidance for Healers: Make sure it is easy to BOOK your services, PAY you and CONNECT with you. This is the moment you’ve been wanting. Are you prepared for it?

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Ascension Symptoms

Rather than a traditional reading, Spirit guided me to write of the ascension symptoms many in the Collective are experiencing. Symptoms are indicating that you are aligning to Oneness, experiencing cellular healing and embodying higher levels of love. Here are the ones shared with me.

Thickening around the waist.

You are currently pregnant with the external abundance of your inner work. This weight gain is triggering to many right now. Dive into that.

Continue to move and be mindful of what you consume but be kind to yourself. You will find yourself naturally shedding it come November into early December.

Sluggish Movement.

For those who are extremely active, you might be noticing that you can not move with the same intensity, consistency, or zest. It may feel as though you are moving through cement. This is an invitation to slow down rather than plow forward.

Practices that move energy through the body will be supportive of alleviating the density. My favorite is Chi-Gong but Yin and Restorative Yoga are also wonderful.

Active dream state.

Your unconscious mind is bringing things to the surface through your dreams. Consistent dream journaling is a great way to reflect and process what your unconscious mind is working through.

Check out the work of Meli, the Dreaming Yogi. She is my go-to gal for dream work.

Emotional Highs & Lows.

At times, we are deeply attuned to the inner realm and feeling that emotional high that comes from alignment. When we get into our head and question, we hit the lows.

Stay in the heart space. When you feel the low coming on, pause and reflect on how far you’ve come. Mindfulness and meditation will serve you immensely.

Revealing of new gifts.

It’s important to know that not all gifts look “spiritual” but they are in fact a part of your soul’s magick. The Universe is dropping you breadcrumbs to help nourish this gift and show you it's potential.

You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction if it’s just a little out of your comfort zone but also exciting!

Oneness Awareness.

Your level of awareness is amplified right now. You are tapping into Oneness and it may leave you wondering what to do with it. Just be. To help the discomfort that may arise, Spirit suggests guiding the light from the heavens, through your body, and into Gaia so it can be anchored into the New Earth grid.

That's what I have for you this week! Big Love,

PS: We need Lightworkers and Healers to show up and serve more than ever. I would love to offer you ongoing support within Wild-Hearted Collective.

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