The Point of Divine Guidance

We are all divinely guided. 

Me. You. The woman that lives next door. 

All of us. 

You have a unique team of light beings that are rooting for you and leading you home to yourself. 

If you don't feel that way, you aren't paying attention. 

At one time, I talked A LOT about Source without really experiencing her. 

That changed in an instant. 

When Source started communicating, she wasn't subtle and she didn't stop. 

I asked questions. She had answers. 

They came by way of numbers, echoes, and a strong inner knowing. 

To this day I am still shocked by how rapidly she responds when I genuinely need support.

I can also be rendered speechless when she lets me know I'm on my own for this one. 

The point of stepping into a space where you let Source show the way home, is not to see how powerful your higher power is. 

Source doesn't need to show you her power because she has no ego. She has nothing to prove. 

The true beauty of collaborating with her is that she shows you how powerful YOU are. 

She makes you uncomfortable when you are playing small so you will finally rise into the magnificent woman you are here to be. 

Over time, she gives you pieces of your divine purpose so you can take steps towards fulfilling it. 

There are moments when you will doubt how an all-loving Source could let you get so low. You'll understand why when you experience the pride in stepping out on your own.

You will celebrate when she performs a miracle to get you to the top. 

In moments, you will have no choice but to toss up all your fears, doubts, and worries into her loving arms. 

When you give it all to her, that is when you will rise into your most raw, authentic and powerful self. 

Only then will you understand the true reason of Divine Guidance.

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