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Three Self-Love Dates to Inspire You


Show Notes

Welcome to She Lives & Loves. A podcast for women who are ready to fall head over heels in love with themselves and life.

I’m Kerin Monaco, I’m a Conscious Life Creatrix and Poet. I’m going to help you get intimate with yourself and create a life that you absolutely adore and deserve.

On today’s episode, I am going to be sharing my 3 favorite self-love date ideas to help you have a little fun, chill out, and start to connect with what you want in life.

What is a self-love date?

  • Opportunity to connect with yourself

  • Listen to your wants/desires/needs

  • More importantly respond to them

  • Let yourself be the center of it all

Who should go on a self-love date?

  • Everyone

  • Find yourself having no clue what you want

  • No idea who you are

  • Feel like life is falling flat

  • Going through a hard chapter

  • Ready for something new and light

My self-love dating story

I started to date myself after my divorce when I had alone time and found myself with no idea how to spend that time. It was also during this period where I got a lot of messages about how I need to love myself and know my worth.

I treated the relationship I was forming the way I would with a friend and romantic partner. Some dates I went out and had a great time but other nights I stayed in and those were just as transformational.

So here are the three dates I am hooked on right now. I plan on sharing more as time goes on. I find that I get really into certain things for awhile and then I move on to other things.

Antipasta, olives, cheese, wine
My Go-To Dinner. YUMMM

The Grocery Store.

I knowwww. First I’m saying you have to date yourself and now I’m saying you gotta cook too. Hear me out. I absolutely love to go to my grocery store and pick out what I want for dinner. Before I started doing this, my diet was basically my daughter's leftovers. On nights, I didn’t have her I ended up doing fast food or pizza. I wasn’t eating that way because I wanted too. I did that because I was totally disconnected from what I wanted.

This idea really landed when I moved to a spot where there weren’t many restaurants but there was an amazing Greenwise, which is just Publix organic market.

When I do this, I don’t go grocery shopping too. I show up only for what I want. Right now I’m really into the olive bar and cheese case. I grab a really nice cheese, fancy crackers, an antipasta, olives, and anything else on the bar that I want. Then I hit the wine aisle and indulge in a red that speaks to me.

I take it home, plate it, and eat it slowly. Most nights I take it on my patio, turn on my fairy lights, and just enjoy that I’m eating something I want. What I’ve noticed is just by EATING what I want, I tend to get ideas and reflections of more that I desire. Like attracts like right. This is really no different.

I so often find that while I’m sitting there with my olives and sippin’ on wine, I get ideas about other things I want to do, have, and experience. In fact the entire concept of She Lives & Loves came in on an olive and wine self-love date night.

Shrine of Saint Michael, Tarpon Springs, FL

Visit a Sacred Space

Some of you already do this quite regularly and if that is you, I suggest exploring some place new. Sacred spaces are really anywhere that you feel called to connect with yourself and your guides. I’ve heard the call to go to parks, museums, churches, new towns. Sacred space doesn’t have to mean that someone else recognizes it as sacred or holy. There is just a soul deep calling for you to go and be present.

I recently went on a self-love date to the Shrine of Saint Michael in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I had been there once before but I felt strongly guided to go and breathe and listen. While I sat in the pew, I felt Michael envelop me in his wings and he shared so much wisdom and reflection. It was exactly what I needed. I had just had a few weird interactions with other people and felt Michael strongly around me. Going to his shrine was my offering to be present and listen and he truly delivered. Could he have gotten through if I went about my routine, absolutely but there is something to be said about making a trip to intentionally create the space for that connection.

Since the shrine was in a bit of a touristy area, I actually made a day of it. After sitting in prayer and meditation, I stopped for lunch, poked in shops, wandered the streets, and finally went home so clear and calm.

Following the call to go to a sacred site will:

  • Deepen intuition with listen and response

  • Break up routine

  • Start to notice patterns of where your soul can be heard the most

An intentional day in bed with an amazing book

Move Out of Autopilot and Be Intentional

A pretty big moment on my path was when I realized I did a WHOLE lot of what I enjoyed on autopilot which meant I was never letting myself actually enjoy it.

I work with a lot of women who are bookworms just like me. We DREAM of days where we get to lay in bed with an incredible book, a cup of tea (maybe wine), our fur kids, and just devour the book. What I noticed it I always wanted to have one of these days and often did spent quite a bit of the weekend reading but I wasn’t intentional. It was routine and it was often done from a sense of boredom and not pleasure.

So I changed that up. I decided that I would read a book in bed not because I couldn’t think of anything else to do or because it was all I had the energy for. I decided I would do it because I wanted to. And that made the weekend spent in bed soooo much better.

Find your next read: 4 Books To Get Lost In

The same could be said for binging shows and movies. I actually enjoy movie nights and watching entire seasons of whatever I’m hooked on but if I don’t do it mindfully, it feels like I’ve wasted time. I noticed this because on the weekend I always do a special movie night with my daughter. She picks the movie. We get good snacks. I put my phone away and we have a fun little girls' night. One time when she was away for the weekend, I still did it for myself and it felt really nourishing.

And I get books and television may feel so basic but being more intentional with spending your time that way does actually make it feel special. And really this applies to anything you enjoy doing but have gotten into the habit of doing.

journal, tea, oracle cards
Make it special. Schedule time to watch your reading

Treat Yourself to a Channeled Reading

In this 20 minute video, I open up to higher guidance and bring through answers to your questions. These videos are a fast way to move energy, get clarity, and tune into what you most deeply what in life. I often can pinpoint some blocks, patterns of behavior, mindset blips that actually prevent you from finding what you want and then remaining open to receive it. These videos are my most popular offer.

If you have one, I suggest making a night or morning of it.

Schedule some time to watch it in a cozy spot perhaps with a journal handy to note anything that resonates, inspiration that comes in, or follow up questions you might want to save for when you have a session with me.

To schedule your reading, book here or explore my other offers here.

Those are my four suggestions to get you started. I’ll be showing up next week to share a Full Moon Guided Meditation . Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it.

See you then! Bye!


Coming Soon...

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