Timeless Reading: Message from the Magdalene

This is reading is both timeless and general. Take what resonates and know the timing is perfect. The deck used in this reading is the Magdalene Oracle. Thank you to those who have contributed through the energetic exchange at BuyMeACoffee. It is always deeply appreciated.

Drop into your heart and notice which card you are drawn too.

Scroll down for the reveal.


Left- Miracles

Drawn to this card, The Magdalenes are encouraging you to be as authentic as possible right now. You may be finding that you are shrinking to make others comfortable. As you do that you are actually preventing what is truly meant for you from coming in. That prayer that you whisper to your guides but never out loud is worth sharing with a soul family member. That ole "don't tell anyone what you wish for or it won't come true" is a program that you are still running. Share your visions, dreams and prayers. Just make sure you share them with those who will encourage it rather than stomp on it.

If you are finding it hard to be yourself around people consider if that is because you are uncomfortable with who you really are or if you believe they might be. Regardless it's time for you to welcome in the miracles that you have been manifesting by being your most authentic self!

Center-Divine Order

If you have been feeling frustrated and alarmed by the state of the world, The Magdalenes are sharing that "all is as it should be." That isn't to deny that things on Earth (or within your life) need to change but you are focusing more on the problem and perhaps even spinning your wheels. There are a lot of efforts that are being made that are focused on the external desire without actually tapping into the need for transformation within at times. This is on an individual level as well as a Collective.

When you step into the energy of how you might change from within and make conscious efforts from there, you will see how that makes everything more fluid. Drawn to this card, you want to ask yourself if what you are investing in is really the best use of your time, money, and energy. Just zoom out and look at what you are participating in. Ensure that it really does get you closer and isn't "for show". Check out my video on Spiritual Burn Out for additional support.

Right- Transformation

Nothing is as it seems for this card. You may be feeling like life is turned on it's head but all is actually transitioning into place. As uncomfortable as it may feel at this time, try to sit and breathe through this time in your journey. It's as "simple" as that. Just breathe.

The Magdalene's are working with you right now to remember that there is always something happening and transpiring even when it feels like nothing is actually happening. There is a deep healing occurring for you and the most supportive thing you can do is rest, nourish yourself, and follow the whispers that come through for you. These are simple steps that allow for you to easily get where you want to go.

For those in this pile who have recently walked away from a person or situation that was draining your energy, know that you made the right decision and that better things are journeying towards you. You chose yourself and that was the best thing you could do at this time.


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