Timeless Pick-A-Card: Messages from Lady Isis

Drop into your heart and notice which card is calling to you.

(Left, Right, Center).

Deepen your connection with the resources suggested for your card.

This reading is timeless and general using the Isis Oracle.

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Left- Wings of Isis

You are just your basic Earth Angel here on the planet to help raise consciousness and return to love. If you’ve been wondering if you are here for a “bigger” reason, accept this as your confirmation.

There is a very big message for you in this card. Some things are falling away. These things that are leaving your life are doing so, so that you step into the mission you came here to serve. Letting go of relationships, situations, and former ways of being that aren’t serving your highest calling doesn’t have to “take work”. The more you mind your own vibration through spiritual practice and general self-care, the more these chapters can close peacefully. A lot of what I see happening for you right now is that you are wrapped up in situations and relationships that are distracting you from stepping into service.

Some of what you may see falling away is bringing up fear that nothing will take its place. Your guardian angel and Isis want you to know that something far greater is making its way to you. It’s been trying to get to you but presence of lower vibrational beings and situations in your life has been keeping them away. Open up your arms (and wings) to let them go. THEN, keep your arms (and again your wings) wide open to receive this greater gift that is yours by divine right.

I do feel this is a relationship that is falling away and perhaps one you’ve been clinging too. That is a hard message to receive so what I will share is that at times, relationships need to fall away so that they can be reborn in divine essence at a later date. Spirit just wants you to come back to yourself and your preoccupation with an “other” is preventing you from doing that.

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Center- Temple of Lapis Lazuli

Those drawn to this card may be experiencing what feels like an inner war. You are hearing two messages from within and confused as to which one is the “right” one. You are lacking trust in yourself to discern which is the call of your soul and which one is the ego. You likely are trying to figure it out by checking out Pick A Cards (like this), chatting with friends, and maybe even crowd-sourcing in FB communities.

Spirit really wants you to cut out the noise and get intimate with both of the messages that are coming through. This is about tuning into these messages and noting which one is consistent, peaceful and delivered with love. That would be the voice of your soul which at times offers something that doesn’t make sense but feels right in the heart. The other voice escalates over time. It tries different ways to keep you from following the message of the soul. That voice is trying to keep you safe. It means well but you are being asked to expand.

This is a time of growth for you. For a time, Spirit was willing to validate your inner knowing through external channels but the time of that has come to an end. This is likely why you are getting mixed messages from the spaces you are using to verify that knowing. I’ve been here. It’s uncomfortable but if you commit to really listening to yourself, your path is going to get so much easier.

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Right- Magick and Ritual

A couple different messages coming through for those drawn to this card. Take the aspects that resonate for you and find peace with what does not.

You desire a change in your life but are still looking to something or someone else to make it so. There is a lot that needs to happen on the inner plane and you can start that process with sacred ritual. I do get the impression that those this message resonates with are either newly awakened or have focused a lot on “learning” about spirituality and have not made it a lived experience.

For those who are newly awakened, consider a simple practice you can start to bring into your everyday life that will help you to connect with yourself. You might enjoy guided meditations or just taking a walk outside without your phone to distract you. The most important thing for you to take away from your reading is that you want to start creating time and space to listen to yourself.

For those who consider themselves “veterans of the path” and are receiving this message, you may resist that this could be for you but drop in and consider if you are truly living a life in collaboration with Spirit or if you have your nose buried in a book attempting to know it all. I find that sometimes this can ebb and flow for us. Don't be hard on yourself if you have strayed from the heart. For more, consider checking out this previously released video on Living Your Learning. Ultimately, you may want to come back to the basics of your practices so that you can shift within and “know” from the heart rather than the mind.

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