Triple Goddess of Fire

Over at Stars In Her Eyes, we don't just look to modern day women that are shaking things up. We also draw out the women who walked before us and paved the way for women to be comfortable with exactly who we are.

Mythology is laced with fierce females that did not just stand by her man. These woman made their mark in healing, warfare, religion, and countless other realms of our world.

One of my personal favorites, is Brigit, the Celtic Triple Goddess of Fire.

Traditionally celebrated and honored at Imbolc (February 1st), this powerful lady can be called upon when we need a light shone on our strengths and gifts. She is known to have been the goddess of healing, smithcraft, and poetry.

There are many myths that encompass Brigit and through them we learn that she is responsible for the creation of whistling and keening. She would whistle to summon her friends and fortify herself with their protection. Her wails of grief shook the country when one of her sons was killed in battle. This was the first note of keening in mythology.

When we call upon her, we channel her power of action and focus. She is the ideal goddess to sit with shortly after the New Moon, as she will help us to work towards those powerful intentions that were set.

Sitting in meditation perhaps visualizing a flame can conjure her. You can also call her into your home with an altar of her symbols. Cow figures, fire, water, a cauldron, and kelly green fabric are a few items that may draw her to your hearth.

Other fun ways to work with her energy are to dabble in poetry, whistle a tune, and to offer service to those less fortunate.

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