Unlocking YOUR Tools

The spiritual path is different from other roads we take. In fact, its more challenging because our ambitions are less concrete and aren't exactly quantifiable.

When I talk to women about the work I do, I get responses like a desire to be more confident, connect to the divine, learn about the stars and planets, AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS.

There are some things that I have found helpful on my journey that I return to time and time again. Unfortunately there isn't just one set of "things" that helped me and can help you. There are however some tools that I find when women start exploring them help to crack their journey wide open.

Here's my short list of personal must haves:

Everyone must find the unique to them tools for help.

1) The Book

There isn't ONE book for everyone but everyone CAN find their one book.

Being an avid reader, I've devoured countless titles and found a handful of books that shake me to the core BUT it took 32 years to find THE book that I know will be my spiritual "bible" forever.

That book is Rebecca Campbells's "Light is the New Black." It is the perfect blend of goddess, divinity, meditation, journal prompts, and contemplations. It is everything I personally need to continuously be a better warrior women.

That is the book that worked for me, but here are some of the other books that I also adored. You can check out my list of Amazing Spiritual Reads here.

2) The Deck

You may be thinking, why a deck?

I love using my meditation to pour all my feelings into whatever deck I'm using and then pulling a card that feels magnetic to my heart.The cards NEVER lie. I always receive a message or guidance that is relevant to my current journey. It helps focus me on the day and live a little lighter.

FYI: Not all Tarot decks are created equal AND not all decks are Tarot decks.

In fact my favorite deck, isn't a Tarot deck at all. I love and live to use my Goddess Oracle Deck created by Doreen Virtue.

When I do readings for people however; I typically use the Rider Waite Universal Card deck because the images evoke such incredible feelings.

Check out some of my favorite decks here.

3) The Chart

A little over a year ago the moon started to call to me. I felt an insatiable need to learn everything I could about Lady Luna. I dug deep and read everything I could. That eventually led me to an amazing Astrology Certification. I didn't want to just learn about my chart, I wanted to help women unlock their unique Starpower as well.

As I explored my chart, I was enlightened by what was written in my stars. It wasn't predictive. It was purely a revealing of my tendencies, energies, and dormant passions. Through my chart, I've been able to break from some pretty self-limiting behaviors and swim deep into my unconscious. Mega life changes have come from exploring it.

(Want to hear about your unique Starpower? Book here.)

What tools are you using on your spiritual path? Share them in the comments and hop over to Stars In Her Eyes for routine spiritual exploration and fun!

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