Week of August 22- She Senses Union

This is the weekly energy for the Divine Feminine. Despite this being written for 8/22- 28, energy will come in waves.

It's important to remember that we are speaking of Collective energy. Please take only what resonates for you.

This reading is coded with an activation for the Feminine Energy within us all. Download this activation utilize it as wallpaper on your phone.

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She senses union.

With both the King and Queen of Pentacles in this week’s energy, get ready because your dreams are going to manifest in 3-D over the next few months! Expect to experience a profound sense of inner union and connection to the life that’s happening all around you.

Breathe into this Oneness. This is why we are here. Remember.

She shows up fully.

Pentacles is the Earth element so ensure that you spend time each day bringing your energy into the body.

MEMBERS: Get Grounded with the Root to Rise Pick-A-Card in Foundation Upgrades.

Where in the past you may have been focused on escaping aspects of your human experience, you are going to be showing up fully. You know that Ascension is about embodying love here on Earth and you are finding your unique way “to be the change.”

She integrates.

This week you’ll find yourself taking care of business and getting ready to receive. You are harmonizing your inner masculine and feminine right now. Keep your head and your heart in the game.

Those of you who have stepped into mission and leadership are about to see your efforts pay off. The King of Pentacles is a confident and secure energy inviting you to make a plan and see it through. This is a week of mindful investing in your purpose.

Deepening Inquiry: How are you being called to invest in your purpose and mission at this time?

She balances.

The Queen of Pentacles is showing up with the nurturing, maternal energy necessary to balance out her King. While she does indicate a certain level of practicality she pairs it with her emotional sensitivity.

To maintain the inner union noted in this week’s energy, this Queen is a reminder to balance your professional and personal life. Notice which direction the scales are tipping and just nudge them back into harmony.

Deepening Inquiry: Where in life is it time for you to pull back your energy so you can invest it more mindfully?

She leans in.

Download the activation and make it your wallpaper.

Take a look at your goals in preparation for the week ahead and identify what you need to do to show up for the Light.

If you have your own business, this may mean doing some work behind the scenes, particularly surrounding financial matters. If you have yet to put yourself out there, this week is one where you get out of your head and spring into action.

Finally, the Ace of Wands is the spark of creation and hits of inspiration. Carry a notebook or journal with you this week. Downloads and revelations will be coming in for you so that you can step forward in this powerful time of transformation.

She arrives.

This is a big week for the Feminine and it’s leading to an even greater shift for us all.

Take a moment to connect with your Soul Sisters to support and collaborate with one another.

If you crave a community with light-minded women, I would love to welcome you into my sacred circle Wild-Hearted Collective.

Join here.

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