What's In a Moon Reading

This week over on my Facebook page, I had so much fun sharing a little bit about what each sign means when it shows up as someone's moon sign.

I even offered that anyone who dropped me a comment or PM with their birthdate, time, and location would be sent their moon sign. It was so much fun to share "the thing" that made me sit up and start following astrology.

This month, I am offering a one month only Moon Reading to my tribe. I can't wait to unlock the beauty of the Moon Sign with as many sisters as possible.

But what exactly is a Moon Sign?

Your moon is what constellation the Moon was aligned with in the moment you were born. This is very different that your sun sign. Your sun sign is persona you actively put out into the world.

Your Moon is the unconscious personality. When we know our moon sign we gain access to how we emote, what triggers us, and how we can bring it into balance. Besides just the basic moon and constellation power, a moon reading reveals the astrological house your moon sits in. We investigate how the moon is interacting with all the other planets as well as any important dynamics your moon is currently experiencing.

There is so much that goes into a reading that I thought what better way to share it than with a sample reading. You can check out a full reading here.

If you are ready to book your Moon Reading for only $49, you can book me here.

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