Writing Practices for the Awakened Woman

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Journaling is a fantastic way to process your spiritual path and unearth pieces of you that have been seeded below the surface for a long time. Many women I know write in a traditional way. They remember major life events, record the day to day, and get out their emotions. While traditional journaling is an amazing way to do your inner work, the process of writing events and the all those feelings can leave you in a spiral that is hard to get out, particularly during life’s biggest soul breaks.

If you are noticing that your daily pages seem to always circle back to the same themes and aren’t necessarily progressing, try one of these journaling practices to support your spiritual evolution.

#1. Gratitude Writing

The practice of expressing gratitude is a beautiful way to get centered in the present moment and see what is currently going well in your life.

I will admit, I resisted this for the first 18 months after my big awakening. I would express gratitude only when things panned out the way I hoped. I would feel good but then when something went “wrong”… then everything seemed to go wrong. It was one of those patterns and I did not even know I had been given the way out early on.

My lesson learned is now my gift to you.

There are so many ways to have a gratitude practice. You can list out what you are thankful for. You can do an in depth entry of appreciation on just one thing. You can use doodles or pictures from your life.There is no wrong way to express appreciation for the everyday gifts, blessings and miracles in your life.

Once I started a daily gratitude practice, within a few days, I saw a noticeable change in my vibration. I couldn’t turn off the feeling of abundance in my heart. I just kept finding more things that I was happy to have in my life.

I no longer was focused on what had yet to come. During this early stage, I experienced an increase of synchronicity and inspired action that led me deeper into my mission and divine love.

If you haven’t started a gratitude practice, try it out for a few days and let me know what magic transpires in your life over in Wild-Hearted Feminine!

#2 Manifestation Writing

Many will know this practice by its other name: scripting. Just like gratitude, this is one that will shift your vibration from one of lack into abundance. While gratitude brings you into the present, this style of writing has you reach into your future and journal it into fruition.

You start each entry with “Dear Universe/God/Angels/Source” etc. Find the term that holds the highest resonance in your heart.

You continue the entry with “I am so grateful now that…”

Spend as much time as you want writing your future into being. Try to reach for the feelings you will have when this fully manifests and embody those emotions them as you write. At times while doing this practice, I feel like I have time-traveled to it’s actual occurrence. The emotions become so powerful and they magnify the more consistent you are with this practice.

If you have not tried this, I know you are wondering “but does it work?”


I have manifested a ton from my writing but to do it, after pouring those details and emotions into it, I release it to the Universe and ask that it deliver it in the easiest way possible. If it comes to be as I’ve written it… GREAT! If the Universe has a more magical and delicious delivery planned (which is almost always does)… EVEN BETTER!

#3 Awakened Writing

Awakened Writing is when you allow your Higher Self and Guides to write or channel through you.

You can be specific and ask a question of them. You can also just open up to receive the guidance they would like to gift you with. This is a powerful practice that is highly supportive of connecting you with your inner guidance, higher guidance and soul’s path.

If you have not engaged in this practice before, you might feel like what comes through is not your Higher Self. Breathe and trust that if it comes through with love and clarity, it is in fact your Higher Self. That sigh of relief from seeing things so clearly, is what I call your soul high-vibin' you.

One Power Tip I will offer to get you over the hurdle of “just starting” is to grab your favorite card deck and take a few moments to get centered, then call in your spiritual support team. Ask your question and pause. Notice any subtle shifts of energy that take place. This is taking you into a higher frequency and washing divine love through you. If no words come immediately, ask for a card to get started. My favorite deck for this practice is Moonology by Yasmin Boland.

Let whatever comes through, drop onto the paper. Aim to not censor yourself especially because no one but your own eyes will see it. You might be surprised by the clarity and concrete steps that are offered from your team of guides. If they feel loving and aligned, follow them.

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