You are not "given" challenges. You attract them.

The Chamber of Authenticity is the sacred space where the WildHearted Council resides. Within this energetic field, we are offered Divine guidance and wisdom to assist us as we navigate our spiritual experience.

The WildHearts Speak:

We do not teach lessons. You attract what you are a vibrational match for.

Spiritual Support Teams are not here to offer tests. We are here to mentor, guide, and encourage.

If there is something you must grow through, your soul sends out signals to attract it.

When you invest fear, than you attract situations that rally that fear to the surface. The more fear you invest, the stronger it becomes. You can not escape it or deny it. When you leave because of fear, you land in another situation that begets that.

Like begets like. You have to change from within. This is not outside of you.

You are not “given” challenges. You attract them.

YOU. We are not here to punish you. We are here to be with you in this human experience.

“This is a lesson” is disempowering and another way EGO creates separation.

Rise into the knowing that you are creating these vibrations with your beliefs and patterns. If you want to raise your vibration, start here. Start with the knowing that you create your human experience; both the positive and negative.

Own that you are creating these experiences with your frequency. When you express gratitude to us, that stems from the belief that you are being rewarded or gifted by the heavens.

Once again, we support things in happening, you are the one who allows for them with your vibration.

When you have truly healed wounds; you do not attract what triggers them.

Sit with how that works.

There are moments you may find yourself in the wake of what once would have roused your inner demons. These are moment where you are witnessing the growth of others and what they are attracting. That is your opportunity to offer support to a fellow embodied soul. It is not the time to “prove” what has been healed.

Your ego requires proof. Your soul does not.

Your ego desires the gold star. Your soul desires more love and connection.

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