Your Oracle Journey: 3 Powerful Decks for Soul Growth

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

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I receive a lot of messages during the week from women who are just starting a new leg of their spiritual journey and really want to freshen up the tools they are using.

One of the questions that seems to be at the center of each message is "Which card deck should I get?"

Selecting a Tarot or Oracle deck is a personal process but I understand the struggle. There are millions of decks to choose from and how frustrating would it be if you got one and didn't vibe with it?!?!?

I know that struggle because the very first deck I purchased was not a match. It was beautiful but I didn't "get" anything from it. Part of the problem was that it was a Tarot deck and I hadn't yet learned to read Tarot yet.

My FIRST suggestion is usually that you move forward on your journey with an Oracle deck. To get you going, here are 3 great decks to get you started.

#1 Work Your Light Oracle

This stunning deck holds a fierce vibration that is hard to ignore. I look at Work Your Light as the deck that truly got me started with connecting to my soul's voice and taking steps forward with the guidance offered.

Many of the cards have an inquiry question that makes this the perfect deck for those who love to journal. It also comes with a guidebook that functions as an instant hit of divine communication when needed.

If you have followed me for even a week, you are aware of how much I adore the creator of this deck, Rebecca Campbell. If you drop this set of cards into your cart, you may also want to grab her books Rise Sister Rise or Light is the New Black. They are the perfect accompaniment to grow your soul with Work Your Light.

#2 Keepers of the Light

This very special deck from Hay House author Kyle Gray is wonderful for those who would like to deepen their connection and learn more about the Ascended Masters. Featured within these cards are popular guides such as Archangel Michael, Master Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. It will also introduce you to some new energies such as Radha, Mercury, and The Divine Director.

This deck comes with a great guide book where you can learn more about the Ascended Master featured on the card and a central lesson they are supporting you through. I love to use this in the readings for the Collective when I am checking out the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.

#3 Mystical Wisdom

If you love art and the mystic this is the deck for you. Each card is rich with the most beautiful image from artist, Josephine Wall. While the art on each card is elaborate the actual text is simple and perfect for those wanting to develop their intuition and read energy.

Filled with unicorns, fairies, and elaborate depictions of the Goddess you will FEEL what the cards are communicating every time you work with this set. As with all decks, there is a guidebook and what I love about this specific one, written by Gaye Guthrie, is that there is very straight forward explanations and a mantra for every card.

If you love the artwork, you can also get journals like this one with Josephine Wall's work on them.


I mentioned above how much I love Rebecca Campbell. Check out this video for a peek at the entire Starseed Oracle deck. You are definitely going to want to add this one to your cart here.

I have an ever growing Tarot and Oracle collection that I read from ALL THE TIME over on my Facebook page, Kerin Monaco. Make sure to follow and like me there to see them all!

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