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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

One of the first things to occur when a woman begins the awakening is a yearning to know what her big purpose is in this lifetime. This is the moment when the questions "Why am I here?" and "What should I be doing with my life?" starts to go from a faint whisper to a wild roar. 

When I've done Tarot and astrology readings with these evolving women, I notice that they are under the assumption that this purpose is the same thing as a job title or a career. There are feelings of frustration pent up from the amount of time and money spent on an education they no longer see as useful or fulfilling. There is this fear that they are so far off course that they can't see the path, let alone leap onto it.  Perhaps the biggest thing is that when your soul is calling, it doesn't use caller ID. Some women know that it is time to answer but they are terrified about who they will be when they are on the other side.

It was from these consistent readings, interactions, and conversations with my fellow light warriors, that helped to give birth to the Soulpreneur Journey. In the Soulpreneur Journey, we get a handle on what it is we incarnated to share and offer to humanity. The biggest takeaway tends to be that our purpose has nothing to do with a paycheck or job. 

It has everything to do with an energy we are here to learn and share just by emitting our most natural light and embracing life. 

We have access to our life's purpose, soul's calling, and inner wisdom at all times. We just need to know where to locate it and how to use it. 

The Tarot holds the juiciest and more enlightening secret for you. On the day you were born, you were gifted a Tarot card that highlights your sacred purpose. Just by adding your full date of birth, you gain perspective on what your soul is here to accomplish in this lifetime. 

To find out what is known as your SOUL CARD, simply add your birth month, birth date and year.


When you get that number add all those digits together until you get a SINGLE DIGIT. (You might end up adding more than once.)

The Soul Card is meant to show what you need to express and use in order to find fulfillment in life.

Find the card that correlates to that single digit to get a taste of what your purpose is below:

If you loved learning your purpose from just this single card, imagine what learning the rest of your Tarot Birth Constellation could do for you.

When you join the Soulpreneur Journey, you learn ALL the cards that were gifted to you on the day you were born.

The doors to the Fall 2019 Soulpreneur Session open in August. Get on the waitlist here

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