Self-Love Sessions

Love Yourself the Way You Deserve


How does a fulfilling connection with your partner sound?


What would more money flowing with ease feel like?


Wouldn’t you love to know your soul’s purpose?


Do you want to call in your big dream?


Basically… are you ready to bring it all together?

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation of everything you want. If you want the whole picture to manifest, you have to start with what’s at the core of it all.

And that, Beloved, is YOU.

I work with women who have invested a lot in their personal and spiritual development.


Despite all that they have put in they are still feeling unheard and unseen.


They still feel unloved. Can you relate?


That can all change if you are willing to start with the step that you skipped...


Loving Yourself.    

Learning how to love yourself might be a little uncomfortable at first.


In my experience, that discomfort comes just before you feel wild, uncaged, divine love… for yourself.

I promise to sit with you in that discomfort and show you the way. Your days of "going it alone" are over.

I'll be there whispering "Keep going, you're almost there."


Self-love is a voyage that you take into the depths of who you are. 


It's an open invitation that doesn't require you to fix yourself but rather bow in reverence to the woman that you ARE right now. No questions asked. 


Sounds so simple and yet in your experience maybe it’s been a little bit like war-fare.


That’s your ego showing up to the party saying that you have to change in order to be worthy. 

It’s the part of you that still doesn’t quite believe that the way is within. 


It’s your human-ness saying that the answer can’t possibly be as simple as LOVE. 


Simple but we’ve made it complex. 

Take a deep breath. 

I’m about to break it down for you in Self-Love Sessions.

In this four week one-on-one journey, you learn four simple ways to go from feeling unseen and unheard into pure, divine self-love.

Past clients have said that after their sessions, they immediately were able to


  • Manifest big desires

  • Reconnect with their partner

  • Recognize what they really want

  • Feel more at peace within

  • Step into their soul’s purpose

  • Confidently enforce boundaries

  • Shift their inner dialogue

  • Embrace ALL aspects of themselves

  • And MORE


How the Sessions Work.


Week 1: Meet Your Self

In the first session we do a self-love audit where you can talk openly about where you currently are and where you would like to be. In this call, you share the challenges you are facing and what will inspire you to keep going. You walk away knowing the most powerful shift you can make. 


Within a few days of this session, I send you a mini-reading to keep your heart open through the process.

Week 2: Looking in the Mirror

Often we start to work on ourselves because we want healthier relationships with others. In this session, you talk about your connections and I support you in working with mirroring. After our time together, you will know how to elevate yourself and the way you interact with others. 


I send you encouragement to keep looking in the Divine Mirror with a connection check-in a few days after we meet.


Week 3: As Above, So Below

Our third session, gives you a peek into your Birth Chart and what Venus, the planet of the feminine, love,relationships, and values has to share. We use this tool to glimpse your self-love signature as expressed by the stars. This is a potent way to understand how service and self-love show up in your life. From here, you learn ways to amplify your self-worth through authentic service.


After this session, I send an aligned action step you can take to manifest your soul’s deepest desires.  


Week 4- Reflection and Transformation

Our fourth session will bring us into a reflection of the previous weeks and honor your growth. We conclude with a self-love mini-reading to help you continue on your journey. In this reading, you will learn your goddess archetype and one next step to take to fully loving who you are.

This is always the hardest session because we've had so much fun. Before we part, I share ways to continue working with me.

Hear It from Them

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